Tuesday, May 24, 2016

After Work Adventures!

The other night we heard a duck quacking, and since ours currently reside in our basement until they are bigger and can be outside, we knew it wasn't them. So we set off to investigate. 

We have a little stream just down the road. This female mallard duck has decided that it make a wonderful home! She is a beautiful and mouthy! Every time anyone goes near the stream she starts in quacking. Which leads me to believe that she may be nesting there and ducklings may show up at some point...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Family Time & The Great Oudoors!

In the past week we have done several outside projects around our house and had some quality family time together. 

Last Wednesday Liam and I got to spend time with our good friend Jackie. We went grocery shopping at Aldi, picked up a few items at Tractor Supply and Went to Home Depot to pick up a few Mother's Day gift Items. While at Home Depot Liam was SO exhausted this happened:

Let me tell you get some very strange looks when 2 adults are seemingly pushing around a race car cart with no child in it. Oh well he napped and that is all the mattered to me!

We also bought some Strawberry and Hula-Berry Plants. A Hula-Berry looks like a white strawberry but is supposed to taste like a pineapple. I will keep you updated on this one. 

On Sunday we had some items to return to Tractor Supply & Home Depot and also made a trip to the local Wal-Mart. While at the Home Depot I purchased 2 - 4ft pieces of rebar and 10 terra cotta pots. As the rain broke I made my family go outside so that I could build 2 of these fun garden sculptures.

I made 1 for flowers and the other one will be the home for my fresh herbs. I also got a clematis, to use as a privacy screen on our fence. And of course our backyard chickens.

We made the most delicious roasted veggies on Sunday for dinner (I snap chatted the picture but it didn't save) I roasted Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes and Carrots with a little coconut and olive oil poured over them. I added a little onion powder , garlic powder, salt and pepper.

I also discovered one of my new FAVORITE shakeology recipes! 

1/2 Cup Coconut Water
1/2 Cup Chocolate Almond Milk
2 Tbsp Almond Butter
10 Ice Cubes
1 Packet/Scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
It kinda sorta tastes like an almond joy bar!

I am also going to share some of the fun photos we have captured this week. 
Liam wearing a baseball cap just like Daddy!

It's rough getting up at 4:30 am to workout!

Tubby Time Smiles!

The "CHEESE" Monster 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hiking, Chinese Food & Invite!

I had to work Saturday when the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! That is okay though because that makes the day go by super fast because the customers were coming out of the woodwork to get
all their outside projects done.                                      

Sunday was another fabulous day (and I had this day off ) so we went on a family hike! We decided to hike a local trail, the trail is only about 2 miles long (but raises in 1200 ft of elevation in that 2 miles). Needless to say my bad knee protested the climb in elevation, so we made it about a 1/3 of the way (According to my Fitbit Charge HR said we climbed 36 flights of stairs).  The 41 minute hike burned about 370 calories and got my heart beat up to an average of 120 bpm. Not only did I get a workout but I got to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the company of my kiddo and hubby. 

We then came home and did yard work and played in our newly fenced in backyard!                    

So I covered the part of hiking in the title of the post most are probably wondering about the Chinese Food. So I have been craving Chinese food (no I am not pregnant) but to be honest the fast food take-out kind is not the most healthy thing on this planet. So I have been stalking pinterest looking for healthy Chinese food recipes, and WALLAH I found this amazing little dish... EGG-ROLL IN A BOWL!

Monday, April 11, 2016

My 1st #TransformationTuesday

As in previous posts (AccountabilityBetting on Losing 123, & 4Weigh In Wednesday... ) many of you know I have been on a weight-loss journey for a very LONGTIME! Basically my WHOLE adult life in fact. The best way I have found so far is to have friends in my corner. They are there to encourage me and dust me off when I fall down! They are also there to kick me in the butt when I need it! I have lost 20+ lbs since January 2016 through Beachbody programs. I started with the 21 Day Fix and I am now doing 22 Minute Hard Corps!

Here is an awesome little fact I found today! 
This is exactly 3 years apart!
 Waist: 45.5"
Thigh:(L)26.5"       (R) 27"
Hips: 55"
Arms:(L) 14"        (R) 14.25"
Weight: 234.3lbs
Chest: 42.75" 
Waist: 41.125"
Thigh:(L)26.5"       (R) 27.25"
Calves:(L) 17.5"   (R) 17"
Hips: 54.75"
Arms:(L) 13.375"        (R) 13.375"
Weight: 236lbs

I have even more GOALS I want to HIT! Don't get me wrong... this journey hasn't been perfect or easy, but I have made it because of my husband's encouragement and the support of my online accountability friends! 

When I look at the photos above I see how far I have come , and how much further I want to GO!...
 I want you to come and join me on this journey! 

I am looking for 6 people that want to reach their GOALS! While pushing me towards mine. We will start next week and push through the rest of spring and into summer TOGETHER!
The first 4 people who sign up, will receive a special gift from me! DON'T WAIT... join me now on the next step in 

Message me on here or shoot me an email at letsgethealthy.kayla@gmail.com and I will get you all setup!
If you are interested in being a Beachbody Coach you can also fill out this super simple questionnaire by clicking on this link

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Guess Whats Cooking?!

Since I have an impromptu day off from work (Our babysitter was sick, Feel Better Soon!), I decided I would make some tasty snacks & desserts for home!

 Here are the ingredients to my first dish!

Okay so you maybe wondering what I could be making with these ingredients...
Well let me tell you! I am making the most DELICIOUS CHEESECAKE. 
Yep that is right CHEESECAKE! 

This cheesecake is PACKED with protein!
I found this recipe on Pinterst (Of course!), here is the link to the recipe!
I doubled the recipe to fit a normal size spring form pan. 
For everyone that uses Portion-Fix this is equal to 1 Red Container for 1/6 of the cheesecake!
And here are the nutrition facts:
Here is the FINISHED Product!

My second dish I made was Homemade Tortilla Chips! 
This recipe is so easy! Basically you take some 6-inch Corn Tortillas and put a light layer of oil on them, I used sunflower/ canola oil mixture. 
Then you stack them and cut the tortillas into 6 pieces. 
Place the pieces on a baking sheet lined with parchment.
Bake @ 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes (depending on your oven) 
or until the chips start to turn a golden brown!

I hope you ENJOY these recipes as much as my family does!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hello Everyone! 

It's been forever since I wrote in my little piece of the inter-webs.I bet you all may be wondering what we have been up too! Well lets see...

One of the Major things in my life is I decided that I am going to become healthy! 
I have been working out on a daily basis for over a month now!, This is HUGE for me. 

I have lost 20+ lbs since the beginning of January 2016!

How you ask?

I started the 21 Day Fix and the Portion Fix. 
Which includes 7 Color Coded Portion control containers and a 30 minute workout for everyday of the week!

I wasn't very religious about doing workouts daily. To be honest in the beginning I ate right for a month and worked out a couple times of week, but I didn't put my heart and soul into it. I was honestly afraid that I would fail again. So why even try? 

Then this miraculous thing happened and I found my coach! My coach is named Heather, and she invited my first to a FREE Water Challenge (this is where you try to drink a gallon of water each day for a certain number of days) and after that she invited me to join her 21 day challenge group "Leap into Spring". This was what really got me into working out daily. I didn't always eat the best in those 3 weeks, and I didn't work out every single day (Everyone caught a cold in our house). But I pushed through to the end of those 21 days .... 

Do you know what happened?

I lost 3 lbs and 5-inches. 
Now that isn't a lot of loss but what I gained was a new found LOVE for working out in the comfort of my home for 30 minutes a day. (This is 2% of my day)
An appreciation for putting myself first and no longer last in my list of priorities. 
I also gained a whole group of people that are just like me, they want to improve their health and life with fitness and eating healthy! 

So on March 20th I bought the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack and signed up to be a BEachbody Coach. Here is to changing my life and helping others change theirs! 

If you are interested in hearing more please email me  @ letsgethealth.kayla@gmail.com or leave a comment on here!

This Month Challenge Pack Sale is:

This includes: The workouts, Portion Fix Containers and a months supply of Shakeology (the HEALTHIEST MEAL OF THE DAY!)

P.S. I am also running a Healthy Eating & Workout Accountability Group that starts Monday April 4th. If you would like in on this group please message me at letsgethealthy.kayla@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#OrnamentExchange2015 Party

Please Go and Check Out All of the Other Participants Ornaments!

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