Sunday, December 23, 2012

I won!

I am a member of a online community of Survivalists, called the Survivalist Forum. I have been a member in good standing for about 2 years now and it is something I am passionate about. This year the Survivalist Forum did a giveaway of Survival type items. The items that were given away range from backpacks, knives, to paracord. There was approximately 3500 entries into this contest to win a handful of prizes, and I was one of those lucky random winners.

I won some great prizes.

From front to back I won a USGI Entrenching tool (Folding Shovel) with Molle Pouch, Buck 119 Knife with Sheath, 2 US Survival Manuals, and a Ammo can which is always useful. Total Prizes package is worth around $140.00 US.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tie-Dye Coasters

So I was browsing Pinterest awhile back and came across these beautiful coasters made with tiles and alcohol inks. I unfortunately can not find the original Pinterest link, other wise I would share it.

Tiles (I used unfinished Bathroom Tiles from Home Depot)
Alcohol Inks
Rubbing Alcohol
Acrylic Craft Paint (black)
Clear Coat Spray Paint
Paint Brush
 Felt Pads
Paper Plate or Cardboard (surface to work on)

1) Apply a thin layer of rubbing alcohol to a tile with the paint brush

2) Start dropping drops of  Alcohol Ink on the tile. Don't be afraid if you don't like how it looks you can just rinse it off and start over again.

3) After I have the whole tile covered, I then take a q-tip and dab up the heavily dyed spots.
4)  Let Dry!
 (Over Night)

5) Seal the Edges of the tile with Acrylic Craft Paint (I Choose Black)
6) Once dried coat the tiles with Clear Coat

7) Let them dry again. Then apply felt pads.

Have Fun, 

  The Chicken Chick

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Gold: Candy Cane Syrup

We are making gift baskets as gifts for Christmas. I used Pinterest  as a source of inspiration for items to put into the baskets. I found a link for Candy Cane Syrup . We decided to triple the batch. So we used:

6 Cups of Sugar
3 Cups of Water
24 Peppermint Candy Canes

We only broke up the candy canes, in hindsight we should  have food processed them so that they would have melted faster. After combining the sugar, water and candy canes in a medium stock pot over medium heat. Stiring constantly. 

Meanwhile we started boiling the water in our water bath canner to process the candy cane syrup.
After all the candy canes melted, we boiled the syrup for 2-3 minutes. 

We then laddled  the syrup into 12 jelly jars and 2 pint sized mason jars. 

  We then sealed the full mason jars with there lids and rings. And placed them into the canner. We processed the full jars of syrup for 10 minutes.

 And the finished Product!

We hope that everyone that is receiving our gift baskets enjoys this tasty liquid gold. And those of you who make this also enjoy it. It tastes great on ice cream! Next come the pancakes!

Kayla & Dan

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Storing water, on the cheap.

Water, we all need it but what will you do when its hard to get or the only readily available source is polluted?

FEMA recommends having at least 72 hours worth of water per person, which equals 1 gallon of water per 24 hours per person. Having 3 gallons of water is typically no big deal to store. You can go the traditional route and buy bottled water at a store, or you can go the non traditional route and store your own.

Storing your own water is very simple, and can save you money in the long run. The number 1 way to store your own water is Soda bottles, or an alternative if your not into drinking Soda is Juice bottles. Soda bottles and juice bottles are food grade so once they have been properly cleaned they are safe to store water in.

Cleaning a used food grade bottle is simple and easy and most households have the items available to do it. Below are step buy step instructions on proper cleaning.

1: Wash bottle with hot water and dish washing soap.
2: Thoroughly rinse making sure there is no soap residue.
3: Mix 1 teaspoon of uncented bleach, with one quart of water.
4: Take cleaning solution and swish around inside bottle until solution touches all parts of the bottle.
5: Thoroughly wash out cleaning solution.

After these five steps any food grade bottle should be safe to use for storing water. For a extra step for people who may be allergic to bleach is simply let the bottle dry before using.

You can safely store water this way up to six months, when kept in a dark, cool area like a closet or pantry. You may also consider filtering water if you are close to a water source, but that is another topic for the future.

Leftover Turkey... What to Do ..

We all know the pesky little problem we have with a turkey dinner, ALL OF THE LEFTOVER TURKEY!

Dan and I made Turkey Shepherds Pie, and froze them into two serving meals. The Shepherds Pie's consisted of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. We used two boxes of stuffing and six servings of instant mashed potatoes.

We started layering the pie's with stuffing in the tins, then the turkey and topped them off with the mashed potato.

 After we covered the tins we vacuum sealed them, well at least we tried too. Our vacuum sealer was throwing a temper tantrum after two tins. Instead of sucking the air out of the bags it sealed it in.

We will give an update to everyone when we actually try one of these pies!

How Do You Do?

We would like to introduce ourselves, we are Dan and Kayla. We a newlywed couple that lives in Bristol, VT. We have a menagerie of animals, a Border Collie / Labrador named Alice, two cats Bella and Tucker, two leopard geckos, a turtle and a tarantula.  We enjoy hiking, target shooting, prepping, canning, gardening and canoeing among other things.We hope that you get to know us better by reading our blog.

Thank You,
Kayla & Dan