Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tie-Dye Coasters

So I was browsing Pinterest awhile back and came across these beautiful coasters made with tiles and alcohol inks. I unfortunately can not find the original Pinterest link, other wise I would share it.

Tiles (I used unfinished Bathroom Tiles from Home Depot)
Alcohol Inks
Rubbing Alcohol
Acrylic Craft Paint (black)
Clear Coat Spray Paint
Paint Brush
 Felt Pads
Paper Plate or Cardboard (surface to work on)

1) Apply a thin layer of rubbing alcohol to a tile with the paint brush

2) Start dropping drops of  Alcohol Ink on the tile. Don't be afraid if you don't like how it looks you can just rinse it off and start over again.

3) After I have the whole tile covered, I then take a q-tip and dab up the heavily dyed spots.
4)  Let Dry!
 (Over Night)

5) Seal the Edges of the tile with Acrylic Craft Paint (I Choose Black)
6) Once dried coat the tiles with Clear Coat

7) Let them dry again. Then apply felt pads.

Have Fun, 

  The Chicken Chick

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    Kathy Shea Mormino

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