Saturday, January 19, 2013

Buying Bulk Part 1

Dan and I are Preppers. We prep because you can not rely on the Local, State or Federal Government to provide food, water any other necessary items in the case of  natural disasters or and other cataclysmic event. 

Last night we went grocery shopping at Price Chopper because they were having a their 

We spent $73.01 on Chicken, Pork Ribs and London Broil. 
14 Chicken Breast, 2 London Broil, 3 Racks of Ribs

Rack of Ribs

We first dissected the ribs. We got 6- 20oz packages of ribs and 56oz of pork pieces out of the 3 racks The 56oz of pork pieces we used to make pork stew, more on that in another post.

 We then vacuum sealed the bags of ribs in Kraft Honey BBQ sauce. We used almost 2 bottles of the BBQ sauce while vacuum packing the ribs into 2pc packages.

 London Broil

Package had 2pc this size
One of the pieces we used to make 10- 4oz steaks. Each of the packaged with 2 pieces of steak, and 2 of the packages are marinated in in Kraft Honey BBQ sauce.
 The other piece of London Broil Dan sliced into thin pieces  to dehydrate into beef jerky. The whole piece made 2 -17oz packages. More on the jerky making process in another post.


 Next we packaged up the chicken. We got 14 -8oz packages out of the 2 packages. We marinated 2 packeges in each of the following sauces Hot Sauce, Balsamic dressing, Teriyaki, and Italian dressing.  The others we packaged as plain.

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