Saturday, January 5, 2013

Opinion on Firearm Bans

Burlington Free Press Photo

The Burlington Free Press interviewed, Ian Galbraith of Burlington, VT on his views of firearms. 
Burlington is trying to pass a ban on all semi-automatic weapons. You can read the story here: Burlington Free Press Story
I have known of Ian for awhile due to the fact that he is best friends with My Uncle and Grandfather, all are gun enthusiasts. Most of my immediate family and friends are all law abiding gun owners.
My feelings are that imposing a ban on semi-automatic weapons will not make us any safer, because criminals will not care what bans are in place. As a responsible gun owner, I believe that in the right hands, guns are not the problem. The problem is certain individuals that get their hands on them, be that the criminals or mentally unstable individuals. Its when firearms get into the hands of criminals or mentally unstable people, that they become a danger to society. Criminals will NEVER care about laws set in place by the Government. They will do what they want, hence the reason they are CRIMINALS.

Instead of taking away things from law abiding citizens that have done nothing wrong the Government; Local, State and Federal should concentrate on more options for mental health aide for those that need it and going after the criminals that are out there breaking laws. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmond Burke

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