Friday, January 11, 2013

The original Assault Weapon

The Assault Rock

Ebay description:

This is your chance to own the most iconic piece of history tried and true of all assault weapons! This rock is millions of years old and may have been the caveman's AR15. This is not a modern AR15 or assault weapon, rather this is the caveman's AR15 (Assault Rock). Again this is a ROCK.

This item is intended purely for decoration and not intended to be used as a weapon. This is your chance to own a piece of history.

Bid with confidence with my 100% positive feedback thanks 

I for one think this is funny, obviously so dont a lot of other people. With everything that is going on and having our 2nd Amendment Rights possibly be limited or completely removed, its nice to see someone making light of the very tense part of US History.

The seller states that the "money will be going to firearms related clubs, charities ect just not decided yet so it will be used for good"

There are some rather hilarious and relevant questions the seller has been asked about the Assault Rock. 

Q:  Is it possible to get a pink one for my wife? Jan-11-13
A:  This is the only model being offered. Have you tried duracoat? Works wonders
Q:  Do you have any that are not so "scary looking?" I think if you had one that was not so "scary" it could circumvent the proposed assault weapons bans. Maybe if it was in a nice pastel color, or maybe some other mineral content it would not be so "assaultish" and I could use it more effectively. I guess cavemen were not so easily scared? Jan-11-13
A:  No what would they have to be afraid of with one of these
Q:  Do you know if I will need a conceal carry permit with this? It's in great condition by the way. Jan-11-13
A:  Rock Crawlers are exempt from CRP.
Q:  Does this also come with a "high capacity" bag that will hold 30 pebbles? Jan-11-13
A:  No just don't get caught with high capacity pockets
Q:  Does this item require a $200 tax stamp? I've never purchased an Assault Rock before and I'm not sure if is classified as a NFA/Class 3 registered weapon. Please advise. Jan-11-13
A:  I am not sure you would have to check with your state laws
Q:  If the FBI's crimes stats for 2011 state that there were 6,220 handgun homicides, with only 323 committed by rifles, however 496 by blunt objects such as this, while 728 were committed by hands/feet/fists, why would I not want a modern AR-15, as they are used in less crimes than this blunt object? Jan-11-13
A:  If the opposite of Pro is Con, is the opposite of Progress, Congress? The facts would support a fist/foot ban but instead the geniuses in DC are pushing for a rifle ban. I wouldn't put anything past them. Contact your state legislators to put a stop to this madness!
Q:  Please advise - Is this a true Assault Rock or when thrown does it only fly through the air and hit the head of the target just the once? If the latter I believe that calling it an assault rock may be misleading. Jan-11-13
A:  I am caveman. I speak small words.
Q:  Does this model come with a barrel shroud or any "shoulder thing that goes up"? Jan-11-13
A:  no it does not come with a barrel shroud, this is only offered in the base model as shown.
Q:  Does it come with a Rock Assault case? Jan-11-13
A:  no just as shown, they do make a rock club tho
Q:  I live in the nanniest of nanny states, NY so I must inquire if this rock holds more than 10 pebbles at a time? Also, does it have a gravel hider? Jan-11-13
A:  Sorry this is only being offered in the base model shown. Such scary features would make it non-compliant with certain state laws. I dont want to discriminate.
Q:  I'm really interested but I think its value will decline when our govt limits how many times you get to "throw It" Jan-11-13
A:  dear buddyebs, you will be fine just dont have any high capacity pockets. our canadian laws limit us to 5 pebbles

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