Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Friday 2.8.13


I am join up with Ashley from over at The Sweet Season for Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
Only 1 more DAY of WORK till my days OFF! This week Saturday is my Friday.

Dear Nor'easter, 
Please don't DUMP TONS of snow on us. I am ready for Winter to be over thanks. 

Dear Heartland (TV Show),
Why are you so GOOD? I watched 8 episodes in 1 DAY!

Dear Amazon,
Please allow for a SAFE and SPEEDY Deliver on my Canon T3.

Dear Alice,
How do you like wearing the "Cone of Shame"? Would you please stop licking your paw and making the sore worse :(

Dear Husband,
Thank you for making dinner almost every night of the week. I can't tell you how much I APPRECIATE it!

Dear Valentines Day Week,
I am looking forward to YOU!

Dear March 8th,
Come FASTER! I want to go on VACATION! Here we come Myrtle Beach, Chincoteague and Philly!


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