Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Newlywed Blog Hop Link Up 2.6.13

This week I decided to link up with Cheltee from Something about You and Me and Kelly from Today Was A Fairytale for


Our Question this Week was: 

"How your MR popped the Question?"

Well since this is my first week linking up I will give you a little back story. Dan and I met through Craigslist. Yes! Craigslist... :) 

We started emailing back and forth. When we met for our first date we went to ECHO Aquarium. We hit it off and a year later we moved in together. Six months later he popped the QUESTION, we'll get back to that part in a little bit. On our 2 year Anniversary we tied the KNOT!

Anyways back to the question at hand "How your MR popped the Question?".

Here is OUR story.
The date was December 19th, 2011

We were getting ready to watch Star Wars. (I had never seen them before. GASP!)
I reached over to shut the light off, when Dan yells "No!".
I turn around a little confused because I couldn't figure out why he didn't want the light shut off. As i turned around he handed me a white ring box.

Now I can't tell you all the things that were running through my head:
(But it was something a little like THIS:)

"Is this really HAPPENING?"

"Is THAT what I think it is?"


I slowly lift the lid of that small white box. Nestled inside is a B-E-A-U-TIFUL oval Aquamarine stone bracketed by 2 heart shapped diamonds. 
Picture taken on Our Wedding Day
 I looked over at Dan and he says those 4 little words, "Will you Marry Me?"

I respond with "yes"... then "YES!"

I then look at the ring box in my hand and back to Dan. I then ask him "Well do I have put it on myself?"

And that is OUR proposal story.  It may not have been the romantic story book proposal with flowers, bended knees, or a candle lit dinners. But to tell you the truth, I would not have had it any other way. It was special. 

I hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to read the other posts!



  1. Awww! It doesn't have to be a story book proposal for it to be special... you are SO right about that. Love the story. So freaking cute. I popped over from the blog hop! =)

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  2. Thank you for sharing!!! My story isn't to far off from this one and I loved it. We're not big on PDA and showing affection in front of people so the fact that he did it at home, just the two of us, was perfect!

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. Oh my gosh this is so cute. I was asking all the questions you asked yourself too only I said it out loud!! I'm sure my husband was wondering why I kept questioning him so much lol.

  4. I <3 your blog Stacy! and thank you for the comment. Do you live close to the catskills?