Sunday, February 17, 2013

Semper Aye Custom Leather SCCY CPX 3 in 1 Holster Review

I recently bought a SCCY (Sky) CPX-2, and there will be a review on that in the future. I bought the CPX-2 as a Concealed Carry Weapon, so I found myself in need of a IWB Holster (in the waist band). What I found was mostly universal holsters, that probably would work. I always check the normal places for holsters, google search, the SCCY website, Amazon, and Ebay. While checking all these places I found a custom holster on Ebay made from leather.

Lets start with what the maker says about there holster.

"This is a custom made holster for a SCCY CPX1 or CPX2 9mm pistol.  This holster was custom made and hand formed using the actual weapon, not a blue gun.  It fits exactly, not "close".  This holster can be worn 3 ways.  The attached Kydex clips allow for it to be worn as a standard In The Waistband, or as a tuckable IWB holster.  The hardware can be easily removed with a straight blade screwdriver(not included) and the holster can then be worn as an Outside The Waistband pancake style holster.  The design allows for good concealment and easy re-holstering.  The 40 degree angle reduces the weapon outline and allows for an easier draw.  This holster is 100% leather, hand made, and hand formed in the USA by a single leather craftsman from start to finish."

The holster came as advertised, quickly shipped directly from the seller.

A short review would be the holster works well, and is comfortable on me. As celebrity Nutnfancy would say, "your mileage may very". What that means, what works for me may not work for you, just keep that in mind. My review is not gospel, and should be taken as my own personal thought's and nothing more.

How concealable is it? Very concealable on my frame, which is slightly chunky around the mid section.

Normal sized shirt, no printing of the gun.

I do have a undershirt on, I find it the be comfortable that way versus bare skin. There can be a lot of chafing if you have sensitive skin, so the second shirt is just a protective layer. I have only worn the holster like this, I can not attest to how comfortable to holster is on bare skin.

The gun it self fits nice and snug in the holster. But does not fit exactly what I would consider perfect.

The stitching a leather work look good to me, but I am no leather expert and my opinion on that should be taken with a grain of salt.

The only hardware on the holster are the 2 Kydex Clips, and the 2 what appear to be brass screws. The Kydex clips hide the slots for OWB (out of the waistband) use, as you can see in the picture above.

The leather dye appears to be evenly applied and is nice look to it. The holster was indented on the inside to allow for the slide release, and what I would imagine would be the safety on the CPX-1.

Now for the Cons.

The back Kydex clip tends to sit very low off my belt, while the front one sits perfect. I have found the clip actually holding my shirt up, but the gun was not exposed just the clip. Keep in mind my side pushes the gun down when I sit, and that is more than likely the cause of this is. Your experience may very with this holster.

The Holster I think could improve slightly comfort wise by adding a bit more leather at the top and extending it towards the grip. As you can see in the picture there the gun almost goes past the leather on the holster.

In my opinion there should be a bit more leather added to also cover the trigger guard. I don't think it is exposed enough to allow a accidental finger insertion and cause a negligent discharge, but I still think the trigger guard should be completely covered on both sides.

In closing this holster does the trick. It may not do it perfectly for me, but thats not going to stop me from using it.

The Holster can be found on Ebay from the Seller Semper Aye Custom Leather. It also comes in different colors than the one I bought. The price I paid was $55.00 + $5.95 Shipping and Handling.


  1. From Brandon....(Semper Aye Leather) Thanks for the review, and the comments. This holster was designed with the assistance of, a concealed carry and tactical training center.

    I will be mindful of testing the final fit after finishing. The holster fit was made using a new CPX2 that I carry(no blue gun is available), but it may loosen up after the holster is lightly oiled and finished.

    The trigger guard coverage was originally higher, but it interferred with a complete grip of the index finger in the event of an emergency draw. This one truly is a personal preference.

    The only real concern I have is the fit of the IWB clips. These, as well as the entire rig, are made by hand. If you compare the clips, and the bend points are not the same, I may have missed a quality issue with them. I am working on a more definative manufacturing processs on these. If they aren't right, I would be glad to put a new set of IWB clips in the mail free of charge.

    As always, If you are not satisfied, contact me and I will make it right. SemperAye Custom Leather is a one man custom leather shop. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel like you got your money's worth plus.


  2. Hey Brandon, I do believe you are correct about the clip. Comparing it to the front clip it is not pointed in, but is actually pointed out. Which is probably a good reason why it is not holding on to my belt securely. I will be getting in contact with you on ebay, and try setup a replacement part.

  3. I cannot get in touch at info @semperayeleather and I don't know how to order. Help!