Sunday, February 24, 2013

Virtual Gallery of Mellissa Hallock- Pawul's Oil Paintings

I thought I would share the paintings my mother is going to have displayed at the
Charlotte Library in Charlotte, VT
March 2nd - March 31st.
115 Ferry Rd  Charlotte, VT 05445            
(802) 425-3864

Mellissa is a Bob Ross style painter, she has been painting for 10+ years. A native Vermonter who lives in Salisbury with her husband and two cats. She volunteer drives for ACTR.


Her 1st Painting Ever!

2nd Painting
Cardinal Through the Window
 The Loon
Under the Sea (FOR SALE)

Northern Lights (FOR SALE)
Pond through the Trees (FOR SALE)
Mountains and Waterfall
Square in a Square (FOR SALE)

Winter Morning (FOR SALE)

Sky on Fire (FOR SALE)
Photo Taken By Gordon Marsh

Autumn Mt. Abe (FOR SALE)
Photo Taken By Kayla Emerson

Lake Champlain Outlook (FOR SALE)
Photo Taken By Kayla Emerson

Camel's Hump from Dorset (FOR SALE)

Photo Taken By Kayla Emerson

All Paintings that are noted "FOR SALE" maybe purchased after show. Please contact me or Mellissa at for more details.


All Photographs are taken and the property of Green Mountain Couple/ Kayla M. Emerson


  1. Wow- those are great! I hope she sells all of them at the show. :D

  2. Thank you! For my Birthday I am getting here to paint me a painting! Love getting my artistic genes fro my Momma!

  3. They are all very nice. I like the second and forth one down. You shouldn't have any trouble selling them.

    Keep up the good work!