Sunday, February 10, 2013

We use, where preppers go for glasses

Kayla and I are both visually impaired in some way. I need glasses to drive, Kayla uses them to read but we both use They have well over 1000 frames in stock, which is probably typical for them and there glasses start for about $6.00 with prescription lenses. They typically ship your order for less than $5.00, and it takes a few weeks for them to arrive but for the price who cares. I have personally gotten 4 pairs of eye glasses from them, and everyone worked flawlessly out of the box.

They have this wonderful feature they call Try Online. Simply you load a good headshot of yourself into there website and it allows you to see what the glasses basically look like if you were to be wearing them.

I think they do there best to get people glasses they need at a very discounted price. For example my last glasses were I believe close to $90.00 dollars. That included the prescription lenses, upgrade to super light polycarbonate lenses, with transitions (tints in sunlight), anti scratch, anti glare, and Titanium frames. Price frames like them at a Optometrists office, or Lens Crafts you will spend hundreds more. I remember my first glasses I ever bought which would have been about 7 years ago were $150.00 with insurance and they were not nearly as option heavy as the glasses you can get at

There are some drawbacks, first being you don't have someone fitting them to your head. They do ask for some measurements for fitment that you enter into there website. You cant actually try them before you buy, but they do offer a 14 day return policy. From my experience frames on there site do not come in multiple sizes, so if you see a frame you like in small but you need a medium frame you are more than likely SOL. There ship times are slow, but they are a volume, discount website that I am sure handles hundreds if not thousands of orders a day. For me the price is worth the wait.

They also do prescription sunglasses which I was very happy about, because I am in need. The pair I just ordered cost just over $40.00 shipped.
They use what I am going to call a internal lens for lack of better wording. The prescription lens is separate from the actual tinted lens, as you can probably see in the picture. is also a great resource for us vision impaired preppers. They sell glasses so cheap, that aren't really all that cheap that you can afford to by multiple pairs as backup glasses. Keep a pair in your car, significant others car, your Bug Out Bag, a Cache, Bug Out Location, friends houses, any where you might need glasses. Typically there basic black full frames glasses cost $6.99 plus shipping.

Using is simple. If you need new glasses, simply call your optometrist and ask them what your prescription is. If they wont give it to you then they are a horrible doctor and you need to find a better one. Simply enter that information into there website after you have picked your glasses and place your order.

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