Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Round-Up 3.31.13

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My Favorite Posts This Week

I LOVED Stacie's post over at Park Avenue! She wrote all about how she makes her own Baby Food!
I so plan on making our own baby food when we have children. This may be the prepper in me, but it seems way more COST EFFECTIVE!

Okay so I know this is an OLD POST but I thought it was a good one for anyone also just venturing into the Etsy World. Ashley over at Little Miss Momma wrote a post about "How to grow your Etsy Online Business". Wonderful TIPS!

I LOVED Simple Moments Stick Date Night Post! She planned a cute Thailand Themed Date Night! We need to start doing more date nights!

I also felt up lifted and motivated to feel more POSITIVE! My New Bloggy friend Katie over at Don't Call Me Kate wrote about how she wants to change feeling/having a negative attitude all the time to being more POSITIVE! 

Sunday Social 3.31.13

 Sunday Social

I am once again joining up with Ashley

Neely for Social Sunday!

Come Have some fun& Join US!

 What is your favorite type of workout to do?

 What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?


What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
Ummm.... I like to put things in "Safe" spots, so safe in fact I can't remember where they are.

 Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?
Both! Post-its for Work & Home. Phone reminders for things on the road....

What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?

We went and saw the Local High Schools Production of Footloose on Friday!

"Ren's Mother"

"I Need A Hero"

"I Need A Hero" Note the "Hero" shirts the Guys are wearing!

Momma Says...

More of Momma Says...

"Ren & Preacher Shaw talking"

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Saturday, March 30, 2013


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Friday, March 29, 2013

Newlywed Game ~ Friday Letters 3.29.13


We am linking up with 1 of  our sponsors, Veronica over at Passion, Pink and Pearls  for the Newlywed Game! 

1.  Where was the proposal? How did it all go down?
Kayla: We were about to watch Star Wars (My 1st time seeing it. I know I know...) in our room & I went to shut off the light and he yelled at me. I turned around and he was holding a white ring box in his hand. He opened up the box and  asked "Will you Marry Me?" I of course said "YES!" (I think I may have shouted it). By the way I am now holding the ring box. So I turn and look at him and asked "Well do I have to put it on myself?"
Dan: Did it sitting in bed, right before Kayla watch Star Wars for the first time.
2.  Name one thing that makes you similar to your spouse, and one thing that makes you totally opposite from your spouse.
 Kayla: Similar- Our love for Canning, Gardening & Prepping  Opposite- I usually HATE fail videos
Dan: I am drawing a blank.
3.  When was your very first date? What did you do?
We went to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center i think in May?
Dan: Not sure on the exact date, we went to Echo Lake Aquarium.
4.  How many boy or girlfriends did your spouse have before you?
 Kayla: 2-3?
Dan: 3
5.  Complete the sentence: My spouse is a natural born _________.
Kayla: Jerk (His says its his personality, I just put him in his place)
Dan: Procrastinator
6.  Our marriage would be absolutely perfect if we could just agree on __________.
 Kayla:If you ask him splitting house chores evenly.
Dan: a lot of things
7.  Which of these does your spouse have more of in your opinion? Sense of Humor, Sense of Time, Sense of Adventure, Common Sense.
Kayla: Sense of Humor
Dan: common sense
8.  Where is the oddest place you have ever shared a kiss with your spouse?
Kayla: My Work?
Dan:all normal places, because i can not recall a odd one
9.  Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when my spouse __________.
Kayla: .... So man things... Basically he treats me right...
Dan: n/a
10.  Explain the outfit you most love on your spouse.  If you do a VLOG, have your spouse actually wear that outfit!!
Kayla: Gray sweater with Jeans..
Dan: little blue thing, lets leave it at that.


Dear  Long Weekend, 
Thank you for working out that I have BOTH Saturday & Sunday off! (Thank You Easter)

Dear Footloose (Play),
I hope you are as enjoyable as I want you to be! I hope it goes off without a HITCH!
(Good Luck Mt. Abe High Students!)   

Dear Family, 
Thank you for coming to our Apartment to  spend easter Lunch with US!

Dear Lady, 
Like me on Wednesday!(More on this later) 

Dear Book I am reading for a Book Tour, 
I DON'T want you to END! Wonderfully captivating story! 
(made me shed a few tears)   

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elite Ink Tattoos!

Elite Ink Tattoos Myrtle Beach, SC

I found there shop prior to our trip to South Carolina via Google.  I looked at all the artists portfolios and chose Hank. He has 20 years experience. So I highly recommend that you check out Elite Ink Tattoos  if your in Myrtle Beach and in the market for a NEW TATTOO!

Here are some pictures of my tattoo being DONE! March 11th, 2013.

Stencil of the Tattoo

During the Tattoo (I also watched the process)

Hank working on my Tattoo
Finished! Only took about 45mins!
Hank told me to use Aquaphor on my tattoo during the healing process. I would suggest to anyone that has EVER had a reaction to Neosporin NOT to use it. I had a reaction to Aquaphor and I also can not use Neosporin. **MY Opinion ONLY**

HEALING  PICTURE (2 Weeks after Tattoo)

Weigh-In Wednesday Week # 1 3.27.13

So I have been using Lose It! and my Fitbit since January 1st, 2013. We went on vacation March 9th-9th, and now I am wavering after getting off my routine. So I figured this would be a good way to hold myself accountable & to show one of my Sponsors some LOVE!
Beginning Weight: 247
Last Weeks Weight: 236
This Weeks Weight: 232.7
Total loss this Week: 3.3
Total Loss to Date: 14.3
Steps this Week: 52,387
Waist: 44.5"
Thigh:(L)28"       (R) 28"
Hips: 57"
Arms:(L) 14"        (R) 14"

This Weeks Goals:
1. Go for a Walk at least ONCE a Day
2.  Stay under my daily Calorie Budget
3. Log EVERY day into Lose It!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cara Box Exchange Reveal

cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend

This is my 1st Cara Box Exchange (& won't be my last) which is hosted by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals

Okay, so you are asking "What is a Cara Box?"

Well basically you sign-up an meet 2 lovely ladies. One you send a box through the mail too! Yes that type of mail! The other lovely lady you meet will send you a package in the MAIL! 

Okay be HONEST who doesn't like to get a package in the MAIL?
 Like Delivered to YOUR DOOR MAIL! 

The theme of Marches Cara Box Exchange was the letter your first name! Kaitlyn matches you up with 2 partners for the month.  My partners were Katie (Who I sent too, click here to see what I sent her) and Kelsey who sent to ME!

Check out the AWESOME stuff she sent!


 Kraft Mac n' Cheese, Knives, Kit-Kat, Kool-Aid, 
Kiwi- Berry Chapstick, Monkey Key-Chain 
& First Aid Kit

Kelsey also wrote me a LOVELY note! With encouragement in my new Etsy Adventure and Prepping.

Thank you to both Katie and Kelsey for making MY 1st Cara Box Exchange so much FUN! 

COME, JOIN, & HAVE FUN in APRIL! Reviewed. Do you like free glasses?

Buy Cheap Prescription Eyeglasses Online, Reading Glasses, Fashion Eyewear on

Dan and I were asked to do a review for



First a Introduction to is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. started conducting a survey concerning the efficiency of the optical industry in the United States and found that this industry is one of the most inefficient ones in the country. The immense markup by the retailers does not benefit the optical stores too much as the traffic to each store is very limited, yet the consumers need to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of eyeglasses worth just a fraction of what consumers pay. This is why has established the online optical store here bypassing most of the expenses incurred in the brick and mortar stores. Through the harmonious collaboration between our optical experts, direct manufacturers and our overseas laboratories, offers our customers the cheapest prices at the fraction of what optical store charges.
The low prices in never compromise the quality of eyewear while treating the quality and services to consumers as top priority. fully understands that prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses are classified and regulated by FDA as Class I medical device, therefore multiple inspections of eyewear by our team are being executed before shipping to our customers to ensure 100% accuracy of prescriptions, enhancing the physical well-being of our customers.
More importantly, is aware of the aesthetic functionality of eyeglasses. Though long being an integral part of the fashion industry, eyeglasses are never consumed in the same manner as other fashion items with the expensive price being the major hurdle. makes the fashion-conscious consumers’ dream of creating a real eyewear wardrobe a reality. feels each satisfied customer is the priceless wealth who helps spread the word. Only our valued and satisfied customers can further solidify our position as the leading online optical store in the world.

I selected the very stylish #LYST5107... fancy name. I opted for the black as pictured, not the Tortoise. Retail price as shown $32.95, without the tint $23.00.

Everything about the service is fairly standard, with a few exception which work in there favor, but more on that later. They offer a Virtual Try on, which is nothing we have not seen before but is still a nice feature.

Lets look at what comes with the glasses. 

You get the glasses of course, and a slew of extras. It comes with a stylish leather/faux leather hard case, with a cleaning cloth. A soft cinch bag, in case you don't really want to protect your glasses. Slotted and Philips key chain micro screw driver with extra screws. Having the screw driver and screws is one thing that sets them apart from the other company we have reviewed, and appeals to the prepper in me. The cinch bag does not appeal to me, because it offers no crush protection.

The HUGE thing that sets apart from the rest is the fact that they offer tinting on all there "regular glasses" there words, not mine and not confirmed by me on any glasses but the ones pictured. They offer this premium service, my words not there's for only $9.95. The colors offered are blue, brown, grey, green and purple with 20%,40%,60% or 80%  tint. The 80% grey tint is what I opted for, since I have very light sensitive eyes. I find the tinting to be very adequite, for me. 

The construction of the frames seems to be standard. The plastic seems on par with any drug store or box store $10.00 of the rack glasses...which is fine because for the price they cost and what you get they are fantastic. 

These glasses are comfortable on me. Are they comfortable on you? I dont know, get some for FREE and find out, just pay shipping. Thats right FREE glasses, just pay the shipping. Just follow the 2 links above, or this one right here. FOR FREE GLASSES CLICK HERE

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kindle Fire HD Giveaway Announcement/Opportunity

If you're looking to grow your blog or social media following, we have a great and FREE opportunity for you!  Free is good, right?  Well, Free is AMAZING!

Isabelle from Le Chateau des Fleurs recently released a new Android app called Smartphone DNA, and to promote it she is giving away a Kindle Fire HD-which she is sponsoring entirely.  The giveaway will be hosted by My So-Called Chaos, but what we need are other bloggers to share the giveaway on their blogs in order to spread the word! In return, you'll get two of your links in the Rafflecopter to get extra promotion for you in return for posting.  This is entirely free, there is NO buy in, we just need two posts from you.
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If you are interested in participating in this FREE promotional opportunity, please email Miss Angie and once accepted into the giveaway you will be given all the information you need for your posts.

Giveaway is set to run from 4/10/13 to 4/30/13.
All requests to join required by 4/5/13!

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Book Review: Sweetest Taboo

Sweetest Taboo By Eva Marquez 
(Novel # 1)

Sweetest Taboo

Isabel Cruz was fifteen years old when she met Tom Stevens. She was 15 when they started dating, and 16 when she lost her virginity to him. By the time she turned 18 and went to college, everything had fallen apart.

This hadn’t been an ordinary love, though. Not a love between two dear friends, or even high school sweethearts. This had been the most taboo sort of love there was: a relationship between a student and her teacher. Isabel started her high school career as a normal student, but set her sights on Tom Stevens as soon as she met him, and pursued him with an intense – and sometimes reckless – fascination. When he finally approached her after swim practice and told her that he shared her feelings, it was the start of a forbidden and dangerous relationship.

Join Isabel as she makes her way through this dark love story, hiding from teachers, lying to her parents, and defying the authorities to make a life with the man she loves. Watch as she discovers the wonders of love and romance, and the terrible betrayal of jealous friends. And cry with her when she learns the hard truth about life and the people in her world.

Sweetest Taboo is inspired by the true and tragic stories of students who fall in love with their teachers, and live with the hard truths of forbidden romances. In a world full of after-school specials on sexual predators, this touching book seeks a different path, casting both student and teacher in a gentle light, and showing that true love may lie at the base of even the most illicit romance.

My Opinion

I LOVED this book! I couldn't put it down once I started it.
It is all about the FORBIDDEN LOVE, of a teacher and his student. The author does a wonderful job telling the story through Izzy's emotions and thoughts. My only complaint would be, that I would have loved to know more of Tom's side of the story and what he was thinking/feeling.

The book provokes you to think about the age old adage of "Age is Just a Number", or is it? Is there a point when the difference in age is too much? Can you control how your heart feels? Honestly I believe age is only a number, my husband is 5 years my senior. I once dated  a man that was 10 years  my senior (with my parents knowledge), and I was 18 at the time. As long as both people in the relationship are committed and respect  each other there really isn't an issue for me. My biggest problem was that Tom was betraying his wife & family to be with Isabel.

The book also makes you wonder about how often does this type of relationship occur and nobody ever knows about it? 
A quote from the epilogue explains this very well,  
 "These love affairs may end well, or become tragic, but they all share a common theme: when they become public, the shock the world".  
The author also explains in the epilogue that the Teacher/Adult is always "judged guilty of a range of crimes, from sexual molestation to outright rape, sometimes without the benefit of an impartial jury." Where as the "student finds them selves  [...] coddled and treated like victims". 
 But if both parties are aware of what they are doing, aren't they both guilty no matter what their age? Aren't they both victims of their feelings?

About the Author:

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 11.29.28 AM.png
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, daughter of European immigrants, Eva Márquez has spent most of her life outside of her home country. At the age of five, Eva accompanied her parents to the United States, where the family settled permanently. After graduating from college, she went on to complete graduate studies in International Relations in Spain. Eva received her Master of International Studies degree from the University of Sydney and went on to work in the global health field in Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Eva currently resides in Southern Africa with her young daughter.

Want to READ MORE of  Izzy's Story?
Click Picture Below

I was given a Copy of the book by the Author to Read & Review

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She is wife and MOM who enjoys reading, writing and music. Her blog is an outlet where she put all her thoughts about what she reads, listens too & the products she likes. She always host a weekly healthy living link party where people can come and share ideas about being healthy and/or their weight loss journey.

Everyday Life
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Life & LemonsHey, I'm Kenzie, my blog, much like my life, is pretty random and full of life's little lemons. Seriously, I couldn't make up half of the stuff that happens to me. Most of the time you can find me writing about my family, our fun adventures, random link-ups, and anything else under the sun. I'd love if you swung by and said "hi"! 

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My name is Georgia but everyone calls me Gi, I am a newly wed married to the love of my life well actually the love of my past 3 years Dylan on 24th November 2012, I blog all the way from South Australia. I mostly blog about my struggles with weight loss, after receiving a Kidney Transplant from my father back in 2011 I gained around 50kgs (110lbs) from all the medication I was on. I like to post all my calorie counts, food pictures, gym faces and all they wonderful stuff but I wouldn't say I am a fitness blog I am just a Gi blog! I love being silly and never take anything I post all that serious if there is a opportunity where I can pull a silly face I take it! 


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