Saturday, March 23, 2013

Answers to Ask US Anything!

The Answers to the QUESTIONS YOU wanted to know!

What is your favorite quirky thing to do together?
Answer: We go to the gun range and shoot at stuff. That is about as quirky as we get.
Unless you call our Prepping together QUIRKY? 

Submitted by: Leanne from Top This by Leanne  

Why the (former) hangup about chickens?

I have no real reason for my FEAR of chickens. The only thing I can think of is that a neighbor when I was growing up had a MEAN free-range turkey that used to chase me! I may have transferred my fear of that turkey to chickens? You have to remember I was like 5 or Younger. 

How did you two meet?
Answer: We both had personal ads on Craigslist. Kayla emailed me a link to view her personal ad, and we hit it off. 
That was three years ago on memorial day!  Oh how time flies....

Which is better- bugging in, or bugging out? 
Answer: I think it is situational. If you live in a big city, get out of it ASAP. If you live in a rural area then bug in. Personally we have no plans at this time for bugging out. Our supplies are in our home and that is where we will more than likely stay.
Our current home is also very good for bugging in because we have natural elements such as a river close by were we can filter water to drinking from.

Submitted by Beth from Living a Goddess Life

Here is a question for YOU! 
Should WE do this every week?
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  1. Hi Kayla,

    It's nice to read what you're up to! I'm pretty busy with studying, and I enjoy being reminded of good, positive stuff.

    Is this where I can post questions?


  2. Thanks for those answers! (turkeys, like geese, can be MEAN, so I can totally understand that fear). And congrats on almost 3 years! Awww.... :D