Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Elite Ink Tattoos!

Elite Ink Tattoos Myrtle Beach, SC

I found there shop prior to our trip to South Carolina via Google.  I looked at all the artists portfolios and chose Hank. He has 20 years experience. So I highly recommend that you check out Elite Ink Tattoos  if your in Myrtle Beach and in the market for a NEW TATTOO!

Here are some pictures of my tattoo being DONE! March 11th, 2013.

Stencil of the Tattoo

During the Tattoo (I also watched the process)

Hank working on my Tattoo
Finished! Only took about 45mins!
Hank told me to use Aquaphor on my tattoo during the healing process. I would suggest to anyone that has EVER had a reaction to Neosporin NOT to use it. I had a reaction to Aquaphor and I also can not use Neosporin. **MY Opinion ONLY**

HEALING  PICTURE (2 Weeks after Tattoo)


  1. Very neat. Does it symbolize something? I'm always curious why people choose what they get done and love hearing the story.

  2. I have wanted another tattoo for awhile (this was my second). My paternal grandmother passed away 2 years ago on March 10th (also my birthday). She nurtured my LOVE of horses. I wanted something I could look at and remind me of her but not be blaring obviously a tattoo. Hence the white tattoo, when fully healed it will look more like a scar at first glance.

  3. Very pretty! I love the white tattoos. I'm such a freaking wimp that I'm not sure I'll ever get one, but they are so pretty, even better when they have great meaning like yours.

  4. You have a little one right? Then getting a tattoo would easy-peasy! Woman can tolerate pain much better than men. The tattoo artist was telling me that the big bad biker dudes are the ones that normally faint on him! Priceless.

  5. Wow, what a neat tattoo. Just the thought of getting one makes me shake in pain. I'm a pansy. ;-)