Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Weekly Round-Up 3.24.13

How it works
Throughout the week keep an eye out for blog posts by other bloggers that you love, and keep track of them.  You can save them in a draft post, bookmark them, write them down-whatever works for you.
On Sundays, grab our pretty button  and create a blog post with a list of those blogs that you loved, inspired you, or you generally want to share with everyone and link up with Angie or Aubrey link!  You should also follow both High-Heeled Love and My So-Called Chaos who host!
Why do we do this?
We believe sharing posts and focusing on other bloggers is important for building community and creating friendships!  It's time to stop being so self-focused and branch out to others as well!

My Favorite Posts This Week

I LOVED Andie's post Cutest Way to Announce My Pregnancy. (She's NOT pregnant) She is using her blog to remind her future self of ideas that she likes and may want to do. She is planning AHEAD!

I know its a little old but I just came across a post over on The SITS Girls which was written by GIGI all about  How to Run A Blog. It has some AMAZING TIPS! Go check them out!

I was loving Heaven to Betsy 's 5 Photograph Tips this week. Can't have to many photography tips!

I was also loving Kaitlyn from Wiffesionals post about The Pain That Came Before Our Joy. All about their struggle dealing with a miscarriage and getting pregnant again. Sad BUT Inspiring!


  1. I love seeing what everyone comes up on the weekly round-up! looking forward to reading these new posts!