Friday, March 29, 2013

Newlywed Game ~ Friday Letters 3.29.13


We am linking up with 1 of  our sponsors, Veronica over at Passion, Pink and Pearls  for the Newlywed Game! 

1.  Where was the proposal? How did it all go down?
Kayla: We were about to watch Star Wars (My 1st time seeing it. I know I know...) in our room & I went to shut off the light and he yelled at me. I turned around and he was holding a white ring box in his hand. He opened up the box and  asked "Will you Marry Me?" I of course said "YES!" (I think I may have shouted it). By the way I am now holding the ring box. So I turn and look at him and asked "Well do I have to put it on myself?"
Dan: Did it sitting in bed, right before Kayla watch Star Wars for the first time.
2.  Name one thing that makes you similar to your spouse, and one thing that makes you totally opposite from your spouse.
 Kayla: Similar- Our love for Canning, Gardening & Prepping  Opposite- I usually HATE fail videos
Dan: I am drawing a blank.
3.  When was your very first date? What did you do?
We went to ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center i think in May?
Dan: Not sure on the exact date, we went to Echo Lake Aquarium.
4.  How many boy or girlfriends did your spouse have before you?
 Kayla: 2-3?
Dan: 3
5.  Complete the sentence: My spouse is a natural born _________.
Kayla: Jerk (His says its his personality, I just put him in his place)
Dan: Procrastinator
6.  Our marriage would be absolutely perfect if we could just agree on __________.
 Kayla:If you ask him splitting house chores evenly.
Dan: a lot of things
7.  Which of these does your spouse have more of in your opinion? Sense of Humor, Sense of Time, Sense of Adventure, Common Sense.
Kayla: Sense of Humor
Dan: common sense
8.  Where is the oddest place you have ever shared a kiss with your spouse?
Kayla: My Work?
Dan:all normal places, because i can not recall a odd one
9.  Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when my spouse __________.
Kayla: .... So man things... Basically he treats me right...
Dan: n/a
10.  Explain the outfit you most love on your spouse.  If you do a VLOG, have your spouse actually wear that outfit!!
Kayla: Gray sweater with Jeans..
Dan: little blue thing, lets leave it at that.


Dear  Long Weekend, 
Thank you for working out that I have BOTH Saturday & Sunday off! (Thank You Easter)

Dear Footloose (Play),
I hope you are as enjoyable as I want you to be! I hope it goes off without a HITCH!
(Good Luck Mt. Abe High Students!)   

Dear Family, 
Thank you for coming to our Apartment to  spend easter Lunch with US!

Dear Lady, 
Like me on Wednesday!(More on this later) 

Dear Book I am reading for a Book Tour, 
I DON'T want you to END! Wonderfully captivating story! 
(made me shed a few tears)   


  1. what a great game and i love a good book

  2. hahaaha! your proposal story is hilarious! I didn't see star wars til late in high school maybe...and i still haven't seen eps. 2 and 3. oh well.

  3. Love the proposal story!!! Awesome!! =)

  4. Thank you ALL! I have seen all the original star wars movies now. It is very special and not your average story....

  5. sounds like a fun first date!
    haha 8 and dan's response...all places... too funny!
    and number 10...a little blue thing! oh dear, men!