Monday, March 11, 2013

The Weekly Round Up 3.11.13

How it works
Throughout the week keep an eye out for blog posts by other bloggers that you love, and keep track of them.  You can save them in a draft post, bookmark them, write them down-whatever works for you.
On Sundays, grab the pretty button from either Angie or Aubrey's blogs and create a blog post with a list of those blogs that you loved, inspired you, or you generally want to share with everyone and link up with our link!  You should also follow both High-Heeled Love and My So-Called Chaos who host this wonderful Link-UP!
Why do we do this?
We believe sharing posts and focusing on other bloggers is important for building community and creating friendships!  It's time to stop being so self-focused and branch out to others as well!

My Favorite Posts This Week  
  • One of my favorite posts this week was written by Kelsey's husband Tim over at Stories of Kel. He wrote about his experience of going to see the Broadway musical Book of Mormon Musical: A Mormon's Perspective from a active participant of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. It was a very insightful post
  •      Another of my favorite posts this week was from Alexa over at Southern Living, Our Way. She write about her experience of  dodging rain-drops instead of ice-burgs . This post made me think that I need to look towards the Positive Side Of LIFE!
  • I also love the post on Wiffesionals by guest poster Kalyn at Love. Laughter. Happily Ever After on a tutorial of how to verify your Pinterest account with your blog! (I will be doing this ASAP!)
  • Beth over at Living a Goddess Life did a GREAT review on Shampoo this week. I so want to find some of this and try it!

Tell ME and the other BLOGS some of YOUR FAVORITE POSTS THIS WEEK!


  1. Love all of these and ironically, I'm follow three out of four of them! Loving this idea and might just hop on the train and link up in the future :)

  2. You so should Kelsey! I love the idea of celebrating other bloggers posts!