Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Hello Box Reveal


So I participted in the Hello Box hosted by Lauren over at Pink on the Cheek! 
So you are wondering what the heck is a Hello Box?
Well here is your answer. It is a great way to make new FRIENDS in the Blog-O-Sphere!
It is mandatory to get to know the person behind the blog/shop that you are paired with, b y either emailing, texting or some other form of chat. Send them encouragement and/or just a simple"how is your day going?"
OH and send them a small gift through the good ol' US Postal Service! in no more value than $10.

Some of the optional things are to friend the on Facebook, create a Link-Up or Guest Post, Sponsor their blog and if you live close enough meet up for a Blogger Date!

Anyways my Hello Box Partner was Stephanie from over at The Not so Fairytale Life.
You may remember her and her adorable pup Walter from this Guest Post.

$5 Amazon Gift Card (Bought a Book!), Chap-stick, Hand Sanitizer (I can NEVER have enough) and Chew-Lotta Bones for Alice (Don't be deceived by the name, my medium size dog decimated these in an hour! :) 

Alice enjoying her new Bone!
Thank you Lauren for Hosting the Hello Box and thank you Stephanie for being such a great partner!


  1. Glad you liked your stuff! I honestly don't know when I'll be able to open mine because it's at my parents and I've been staying at my boyfriends. But, I can't wait! :)

  2. Aw, so sweet that she sent something for Alice, too! I love the concept of the Hello Box....thanks for sharing!