Friday, April 5, 2013

Covert Robin Swap Reveal

the covert robin button

So I signed up for the Covert Robin Swap  in February(?). This is a swap that is about making homemade gifts for your partner! From Canned Goods to Home Sewn items! The catch is that your don;t know who is sending a gift to you..... For everyone who wants to try out being a covert "spy" I suggest this swap!

Okay so I will admit that I have been STALKING the link-ups over at imagine-gnats for the past several days, impatiently waiting for my "package" to arrive! I will admit I saw several gifts that were made that I was drooling over...

I was mentioning some of these items to my friend Beth over at Living a Goddess Life. Here is were Karma comes into my life. I am sure she was getting a great chuckle out of this :) She kept mentioning that she hoped the USPS didn't lose the box for this swap!

I get home today to a package from a "Elizabeth Wade" and it never once registered in my mind that Elizabeth and Beth were the same person. I opened the box to find this:

New Lunch Box, Distressed Headband, Homemade Nectarine Freezer Jam & Mango Mango Gummies (For the Hubby)
 Oh and this APRON!
Gardening/Chicken Apron

Thank you Beth! I love it ALL!

Oh... In case you are wondering I sent to Katie over at Snuggle Up with a Dish of Karma!
Click HERE to see what I sent KATIE!


  1. Oh fun!! I love Beth and her blog. She's such a sweetie. That Nectarine Freezer Jam sounds wonderful.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you liked everything (and it fit- I was so nervous about the apron). I hope the nectarine jam is to your taste, too. I was getting a chuckle, yes, but also a little nervous. ;)
    You know yo've inspired me to make more home canned stuff!