Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D.I.Y Cleaners w/ Recipes


With Earth Day coming right up on our heels, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a post about D.I.Y Cleaning Products. 
If you read this post, I recommended an AMAZING book called LEMONS AND LAVENDER. This book has TONS of tips on everything from Plumbing to Canning. I also did a short Tutorial in that post on D.I.Y Powdered Laundry Soap. 

My FAVORITE  D.I.Y Cleaner we make is the Anti-Bacerial Cleaner.
Get ready for this it has ONLY 2 ingredients!
Water and Essential Lavender Drops! 
I know you can close your mouth, I understand the shock of what I just told you... 

24oz Water
60 Drops of Lavender Essential Oils (Amazon or Local Natural Food Store)

We use this for EVERYTHING! From the Kitchen counters to the Bathroom (Cleans toothpaste off the Mirror!).
We have been using the same bottle of Essential Oils for over a year now and still haven't run out! 
A little goes a LOOOONNG Ways!

Next Cleaner we use would be... 

 All-Purpose Cleaner

In a 24oz Spray Bottle mix:

3TBSP White Vinegar
1/2 TSP Washing Soda (Local Hardware Store (True Value SKU #:128-062 or Make it!)
1/2 TSP Castile Soap (Amazon or Local Natural Food Store)
2 Cups Hot Water

The next most used cleaner in our house is

Grease Cutter

In a 24oz Spray Bottle mix: 
2 Cups Water 
10 Drops Lavender Essential Oils (Amazon or Local Natural Food Store)
1/4 Cup Castile Soap (Amazon or Local Natural Food Store)

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  1. Love it! I have been doing my own "green" cleaning stuff for a while now and I will never go back! I even make my own Febreze!

  2. I JUST read "Lemons ad Lavender"! Fantastic! :D
    Thanks for those cleaner recipes...I love how useful essential oils are, as antibacterials and antimicrobials and whatnot. Plus they smells nicer than any chemical cleanser!
    I feel like a rube, though, for giving away my lavender essential oils a few months ago (I still have clove, but no more florals...d'oh!)
    Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Found you through "What Makes Savannah Smile"! I am a new follower. I love this post and can't wait to try them! We just got our new house and have a new dog so I really want to try this!

  4. Ooh! Going to have to look for that book. My husband found an all purpose cleaner recipe and I LOVE it. So much better than anything we've got in the store.