Friday, April 12, 2013

Guest Post: Stephanie from The Not So Fairytale Life

 I would like to introduce Stephanie!
  Whom I met through the Hello Box Swap which is Hosted by Lauren over at Pink on the Cheek. Any-who, Stephanie and her adorable pup Walter are going to take over for a little while!

Hey guys!! I’m Stephanie and I blog over at The Not So Fairytale Life with my crazy pup, Walter. Kayla was awesome enough to let me take over the blog today, so I thought I’d tell y’all a little about Walter and his adventures.
Walter is a Boggle (Boston Terrier/Beagle mix). He has the body of a Boston but the face of a Beagle. But, he has the hyper-ness/craziness of both! He is one of the most hyper dogs I have ever met and it gets pretty funny sometimes.
If I leave for work before boyfriend does, Walter will stick his head through the blinds (through them…not around them or under them, but through them) so he can watch me out the window. And then he’ll put his paw up on the window like I’m leaving him forever and it’s the worst thing in the world. Ever.
When I get home from work and let him out of the crate, he gets super excited. Then I let him and boyfriend’s dog (Ace) outside to do their business and Walter will bark this high pitched crazy bark that sounds like he’s getting attacked. All he wants is Ace to play with him. He does it every single time.
Walter is a small dog, approximately 26 pounds, but he likes to think he’s a big dog. Ace is big…like 80-90 pounds. Walter will play with him, jump on him, etc. like there’s no tomorrow. He thinks they’re the same size! He even plays with Ace’s toys (like the huge Kong) and he’ll carry them around like they aren’t the same size as his head. And he enjoys stealing Ace’s bed, too.
Now, even though my boy is psycho crazy, he is also the most loving dog I have ever seen in my life. He loves to cuddle. He carries blankets around the house when he’s ready to cuddle. He will even bring Ace blankets when Ace is lying in his bed. Not kidding. My dog is very loving.
And, I am pretty sure he knows that he can get away with whatever he wants. I mean…just look at that face!!
Thanks so much for letting me gush on about my pup! Be sure to stop on by and say hello!!