Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Get Home Bag (GHB)

I don't have a Bug Out Bag, but I do have a Get Home Bag or GHB for short. Essentially I have a bag in my car at all time with items I think I might need to walk home if I need to. 5 days a week my car is parked about 30 miles from where we live. Unfortunately I don't take the GHB out of the car to bring it with me in work vehicles.

The Break down.

1st Pocket
2 Burner, adjustable Folding Stove
Trioxine Bar (Fire Starter/Fuel)
Plastic Forks
Water Proof Matches
Red Bic Lighter
Buck 110c Folding Knife, with belt sheath.
2 sets of Hand Warmers

2nd Pocket
Emergency Poncho
Life Gear Flashlight/Glow Stick/Whistle
Frontier Straw (Water Filter)
Trioxine Bar (Fire Starter/Fuel) x2
Small Mess Kit, with plastic cup
Magnesium Bar, Striker, and Hacksaw Blade
2 Person Emergency Blanket
2 Pens
Crank Style Headlamp (no Batterys)
Small Bic Lighter (tossed in after picture)
Dry Kindling, fat wood to be exact

3rd Pocket
Gerber Hatchet, with Saw in the base, and belt sheath
Small Water bottle
2 Granola Bars

 4th Pocket
Small booboo kit (pain killer, bandages, ect)
Small roll of tubeless Toilet Paper
Hand Sanitizer
25 feet of bright orange 550 Paracord

 5th Pocket
Boxer Briefs ;)
Wool Socks
Snow Pants
Long Sleeve Shirt
Contractor Trash Bag (clothes go in the bag, to keep them dry)
Winter Gloves
12 gauge bird shot x25
Ziploc bag with oatmeal, and easy mac.

H&R Parder Protector 12 Gauge Pump Shot Gun, in my trunk.

A lot of things have uses that might not occur to people so I will try and list those off.

Contractor Bag-Poncho, Solar Still, Rain Catcher, and Shelter.

Hand Sanitizer-Fire Starter (from a spark).

Emergency Blanket- Shelter, rain catcher, and poncho.

Trioxine Bar- Fire Starter, or cooking fuel when used solo.

Whats in your GHB? Leave a comment below.


  1. Great idea! That's a good bag for camping, too. I never considered being stranded downtown and needing to walk home (and having a bag for that). Thanks!

  2. I like you list. I have about the same except I don't carry a stove, or any of the cold weather gear. I work all over S. Texas so I carry more water, 3 quarts. I also carry 100' of climbing rope and a couple of carabineers.