Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday 4.24.13

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I am joining both Becca & Lacey
for Weigh-In Wednesday! 


Beginning Weight: 247
Last Weeks Weight: 230.4
This Weeks Weight: 231.9
Total loss this Week: +1.5
Total Loss to Date: -15.1
Steps this Week: 45,546 (19.30 Miles)
This Week 
Waist: 43.5"
Thigh:(L) 27"      (R) 28"
Hips: 54.75"
Arms:(L)  14.5"      (R) 13.5"
Last Week
 Waist: 45.5"
Thigh:(L)27.75"       (R) 27.75"
Hips: 55"
Arms:(L) 15"        (R) 15"


This Weeks Goals:
1. Go for a Walk at least ONCE a Day
2.  Do Morning Yoga at least Once Weekly
3. Log EVERY day into Lose It!
Last Weeks Goals
1. Go for a Walk at least ONCE a Day (Fail)
2.  Stay under my daily Calorie Budget (Fail)
3. Log EVERY day into Lose It! (Fail)(Expirement I wanted to see what happened if I didn't Track my Food)
Same as last week we have been busy working on getting the garden ready and building a chicken coop in the evenings to go for walks. So I may not be walking but I am doing a physical activity!



  1. the positive is that you now know you must log to succeed I learned this the hard way and even though the scale didn't go down some of the inches did so that's good. keep moving forward

  2. Hang in there. You are doing the right things. Been there, done that. Every day is a challenge to be met and overcome by determination and perseverance. Best wishes,
    Dr. Bill
    Dr. Bill's Book Bazaar blog ;-)

  3. I'm willing to bet gardening and building that chicken coop are putting muscle on you! Keep up the hard work!