Friday, May 10, 2013

Friends Friday - 5.10.13 Becca

It's that time of week Again! Friends Friday! This week I get to introduce the lovely Becca who owns the Everyday Life corner of the Blog-O-Sphere!

Hi I’m Becca and I write for Everyday Life. Recently Kayla asked me to write a guest
post and well I thought it would be fun. So let first tell you a little about me and my blog.

I’m a 41 year old wife and mom but shh don’t tell my mind this as it’s still stuck at age
sixteen as is my behavior some days. I’ve been married for 21 years and have one son
that’s 13 he’s the center of my world. My occupation to date is chef, housekeeper, teacher
and on occasion if I’m still awake sex slave.

I also on any given day suffer from CRMW. That is a disease in which I am either
enjoying some sinfully good chocolate, reading a great book, dancing on tables to good
music or writing in my blog.

Now should you choose to visit me be aware that my blog is much like me a case of
creative chaos. I write about nothing specific as I am not crafty though I love to color,
I’m not a great cook though I make a mean casserole, I have no parenting advice even
though my child is a straight A student but I do enjoy talking about everything and
anything as my grandma would say “I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none”.

Now that you know A little about me and my blog you should also know I love to write
and I currently have a Sunday post where I put a lot of that writing be it poetry, short
story or telling you about an awesome adventure. Because of this series I wanted to give
you a sample of what you get should you stop by so please enjoy this little taste of my

Emily Anne

Emily Anne came to us on a bright September morning a full week earlier then expected
but a gift none the less. She was perfect as any little girl could be a head full of dark hair,
rosy cheeks and eyes that could see right through you. It was while looking into these
eyes of my beautiful baby daughter I realized that she had more going on in her head
then a normal baby should. Nurses, doctors and family all told me it was the hormones
speaking but I knew something wasn’t right that my beautiful little girl was already
beginning to fight a losing battle.

Time passed and for awhile I thought maybe they had been right that it had been my post
baby hormones talking Emily Anne seemed fine. She met all her milestones on time; she
was happy gurgling non stop all the time like she was talking to an unseen force then
things changes. On her second birthday while getting her dressed for her party she busted
out screaming “not that color they don’t like that color”

I remember asking “who doesn’t like that color sweetie?”

Emily Anne replied “Them They don’t like it” pointing to the air around her

I got down on my knees looking into my sweetie little girls eyes “Who are they who are
you pointing at?”

Her simple replied “the voices”

In that moment my world shattered I knew without a doubt that the demons I had ran
from for so many years and taken up residents in my child’s head. She was never going
to be the same her innocence world would now hold fear and paranoia beyond anything
anyone could fathom.

Days passed some in normal everyday happiness and some in unimaginable fear. We
tried everything we could to help medicine, doctors, hospital, experimental treatment,
alternative medicine any thing anyone suggested anything that would give our little
girl peace but peace seem to elude her. I would hear my brave child late at night crying
begging the voices for a moment’s peace to simply have quiet but it never came not till
that dark cold day in November.

Exactly seventeen years, five days, threes hours and forty-five seconds after that clear
September day she was born Emily Anne found her peace the quiet she begged for
day after day and I well I got a sentence to never ending pain for the price she paid for
silencing the voices was her life. My beautiful Emily Anne was gone.

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