Friday, May 24, 2013

Friends Friday - Cerise & Gayle 5.24.13

 I would like to introduce Cerise who owns the little piece of the Blog-O-Spere called Craft Cherry! & Gayle from owns A Gayle Force! Thats right folks to celebrate Memorial Day (the kick off of SUMMER) I thought I would have both these lovely ladies tell you about their spring/summer traditions!
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 Howdy! Kayla very kindly asked me to guest post today and I was only too pleased to accept.

My name is Cerise and I blog over at CraftCherry. I’m a SAHM to two wild, crazy and beautiful boys, Munch and Nox. And wife to an amazingly awesome husband John.

I’m also the owner owned by Kaiser, the all American mutt; Gandalf the Bear, an old and grumpy silver tabby; Skye, completely neurotic, usually beautiful white Keuda (she’s not what a would call a great specimen of her breed…she would make a useless barn cat) and Joplin aka J-Bug, our tiny acrobatic brown tabby.

When I’m not busy with kids, pets and the house, I make a little time to crochet, sew and scrapbook.

I keep reading blogs and social feeds about Winter hanging on for dear life. I live in Dallas…so Winter generally doesn’t stick around for long, although, it has tried a comeback once or twice. So, I thought I would fight all the lovely snow pictures with some Spring :o)

The bluebonnets seemed a little late in blooming this year, but we found them. One of my favorite things about Spring in Texas is the wildflowers, namely our beautiful state flower.
credits: Springtime Fever by Tia Bennet and Easy Go Templates by Maybemej
I love our annual tradition of taking pictures with them. I've gotten some beautiful shots over the years. If we ever have to move, I’m taking bluebonnet seeds with me.

 photo GayleFB_zps33801880.jpg

Hi there, readers of Green Mountain Couple! I'm Gayle, and you should come visit me at A Gayle Force, where I blog about everything and nothing.

Are any of you as obsessed with Spring and Summer as I am? I'm allllll over it. I dread Winter, and I wait oh so patiently for the warmer months to come around. Well, Spring has finally poked its head out over here in Virginia and I couldn't be happier.

I'm working on putting together my Spring and Summer wardrobe, and I've noticed that there is a color scheme in all the stores (and in my closet) this year. Granted, this is no different than any other year, but maybe I'm noticing this one because I like it.

 photo 2013ColorScheme_zpsa7acb73f.jpg

I really do love all of these colors. I mean, I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and I wore a coral dress with cobalt shoes. And in a few days I'm headed to another wedding where I'll be wearing an orange dress. I've never really been one for neutrals. Gimme color! I think all of the dresses I've bought this year are floral-patterned. (Just call me Grandma.) I hope these colors don't go out as quickly as they came in. I know I'll still be rocking them next year -- I'm a fan!

Alright, sorry. I had to profess my love for this somewhere. I hope you'll come say hi to me. I love making friends. And I promise I don't only talk about clothes and color! Thank you, Kayla, for letting me be part of your blog today!


  1. Thanks for hosting us Kayla!
    Love the colors this summer. They are so happy.

  2. Thanks for featuring Cerise. She's super sweet!

  3. Love this post! WTG Cerise!