Friday, May 17, 2013

Friends Friday- Cheltee 5.16.13

This week I would Love to introduce our "Your On Your Own" sponsor, Cheltee! She owns the little piece of the Blog-O-Sphere real-estate know as Something about You & Me. She is telling us about inexpensive beauty tips!
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Hello Green Mountain Couple Readers
I am very excited to be able to take up a little part of Kayla’s blog today. Thank you Kayla!
So I am sure not everyone knows who I am so let me introduce myself.

Hello I’m Cheltee & that’s my adorable husband Travis.
We blog over at Something About You & Me even though you will hear more from me then you will from him. Our blog is mainly about our day to day life as newlyweds and   I also join Kelly @ Today was a Fairytale for our Monthly Wife to Wife link up every last Wednesday of the month. Come Check it out Here!
Enough about me though, let’s get on to what I have to write about
today I want to give you a few little helpful beauty hints that your average home items can provide to you.

“8 home items that can keep you looking beautiful”

Elmer’s Glue- Gentle paint a layer over your face and let dry. When completely dry slowly pull off and see all the dead skin and blackheads you had on your face.
Hint: Be careful around eyebrows, pulling off hair can hurt.

Lipton Tea- Brew a bag of Lipton tea and let your hair soak in a container for 10-15 minutes. Gentle rinse out in shower or tub and gentle comb, once dry you will have shiny hair. Some ladies like to wash their hair with it and it does work sometimes.

Jello- Take a box of clear jello and make as directions say on box and put into a large bowl. After in jello form, place your feet into the bowl of jello for at least 15 minutes. This will help stop your feet from stinking up those new shoes but make sure to rinse your feet off or you will have a sticky situation.

Pam Cooking Spray- Tired of always smudging your nail polish because it doesn’t dry fast enough? Spray a little Pam on your wet nail polish and watch it dry within seconds.

Mayonnaise- Helps keep your hair conditioned and can prevent or kill lice.

Kool Aid- Can be a fun temporary hair dye, typically comes out in 3 washes.

Nestea- With summer coming up quickly sunburns are probably going to be in your life so to help pour a container of Nestea into your bath tub and soak, relieves pain and redness.

Vicks Vapor Rub- Rub on toe nails and finger nails to get rid of fungus.

Thank you for reading and I hope that if you try any of these that they do wonders for you.
I hope to see some of your faces on my side of the blogging world but until then take care!

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  1. I'm going to have to try Pam the next time I do my nails. I never have enough patience to let the paint dry.