Friday, June 7, 2013

Life is Hard! Since When?!

Life is Hard... Period! 

You all may be wondering where this rant post is coming from... 
Well I was on Facebook this morning and one of my friends posted a status about how he was tired of hearing High Schoolers complain about not being able to wear there spaghetti strap tank top and short shorts to school. 

"Tonights rant: dress codes.
Yeah this is directed at all you people complaining about {schools name} dress code. Honestly try ironing wrinkles out of a pair of dress pants and keeping the creases correct. Or try wearing shirt stays and being afraid to bend at the waist or sit down because it might wrinkle the shirt and get you in trouble. How about needing to make sure your ribbons are exactly 1/8inch above and centered over the left brest pocket but noooo it the end of the world cas you cant wear short shorts or spaghetti straps. And {schools name} "sucks" because you make it suck, you say F- you to a teacher and they aren't going to let you get away with jack. Have some god damn school pride your there its your school. high school is not hard at all so put a little bit of effort into it, unless your goal in life is to flip burgers and deliver pizza and even they wont take you."
 {I asked Friends permission to post His status}

He is in the the military.  
(Thank you for serving and protecting our country!) 
So obviously the military has VERY STRICT dress code policy. 
There were responses back to his status saying things like "you did sign up for it (meaning the military) " 

This is my response: First of ALL have a little respect because the MEN and WOMAN of the military put their lives on the LINE EVERY DAMN DAY for YOU!

This is what i wrote on his status in response: 

1st. So To those who don't think there are dress codes in REAL life there are. every job you apply too has a dress code! Be it casual (which doesn't include spaghetti straps, belly shirts or short shorts) or business casual or business attire. There are dress codes are there no matter where you go. 2nd. Yes High School is hard (for you now) but once you are done with high school and working a 8+ hour day at a job you will come to see and appreciate that no matter how hard High School may seem now, how much the school seems to ride your butts about dress code or attendance among other things is nothing. I have been out of high school going on 7 years and there are days I WISH I could go back. You will miss the structure and even the HOMEWORK eventually. So those who are complaining about High School, let me say this Don't Sweat the Small Stuff! Dress codes are apart of life.

I work in retail in a small town. I see our towns teenagers come into the store and I am SHOCKED to see how some of them (not all of them) are dressed! 
They are wearing articles of clothes that if I had so much thought of wearing my momma would have slapped me silly.
Girls put on some clothes that cover up your cleavage and your butt crack because honestly 
Victoria DOESN'T have anymore Secrets!  (Thanks!) To show everything you have is not sexy girls! A little mystery can go along ways! 
Oh, and not to leave the boys out.... Go buy some pants that fit right! I am not talking about the ones wear you need a belt just to hold them up so they won't be pooled around your ankles!  Did I ask to see your underwear? Cause honestly is not sexy....
Oh, and by the way High School is NOT HARD!  Life is HARD!  
There will always be someone telling you what you can and can't do! 
Someone you don't like but have to deal with! 
Oh and after High School you get the bonus of BILLS!
 So if you think your life is hard now, I hate to burst your bubble of those 
High School Graduation Dreams
but it doesn't get any easier! 
(It may even get HARDER!) 

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  1. I'm surprised at the (lack of) clothing teens wear now. I can't believe their parents don't lay down the law before they exit the house so I agree with your post! We gotta dress like ladies to be treated like ladies! And yes, life is super hard... and continues to get harder with age, at least in my experience!