Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July Weekend!

So the Hubby and I celebrated 4th of July  by going to the local Fireworks Display on July 3rd. 
We wandered around the recreation field a got a traditional firework/fair Rainbow Ice
Basically is like a snow-cone but with TONS of different flavors to choose from!
  Then we decided to have a fried bread dough, and theats when the skies let loose torrents of rain!

 But then it stopped raining for the WHOLE Fireworks Show!

 The next day we totally intended to attend the parade but made a last minute decision to skip it and head straight to my Aunt and Uncles Camp.
Photo: Happy 4thPhoto: They moved the umbrella

Where Mother Nature did what she seem to best this year and started to DUMP Water on us. 
These are a few photos of my uncle and sorta-uncle protecting the YUMMY chickens roasting over the fire. 
Eventually it stopped raining and we were able to enjoy a lovely afternoon. 

I hope everyone had a Happy & Safe 4th of July.


  1. How great that it didn't rain during the fireworks! What a blessing!

  2. IT rained every day but the 4th hear. Sounds like you had a fun night with the hubby!

  3. That's awesome that it stopped raining for the fireworks. You got some fantastic photos!

  4. Oh no! Murphy's Law, I suppose....I'm glad it ceased raining for the fireworks, though! :)