Friday, July 26, 2013

Friends Friday - Amanda 7.26.13

Friends Friday IS BACK with some FRESH FACES!
Which leads me to introducing our lovely sponsor Amanda who blogs over at My Show (Her blog is Great, Go Check it out!) She blogs about her 1 year old daughters antics and other life relevant stories and products!

Hi Green Mountain Couple readers!

Kayla and Dan have been so sweet to let me take over their space in the blog world today. I'm Amanda. For the past three years I've been blogging over at My Show, a lifestyle blog that I like to think of as my own personal reality show. Over there I write about everything and everything that comes to mind. Like that time I kept setting off store alarms, but couldn't figure out why (while I've admitted to having some klepto issues, I really wasn't stealing!) Then I get into some serious issues, like how I eat my feelings, or battling postpartum anxiety.  Lately I blog a lot about my sweet baby girl who just turned one, and our issues with sleep...rather a lack thereof.

Regardless of the topic, I try to have fun and be real with my blog. Life as a 26 year old teacher, wife and mama isn't always pretty, but it's definitely an adventure! I'd love to have you come visit me, introduce yourself, and maybe stay awhile.

If you would like to be part of "Friends Friday" leave a comment on this post and we will work out the details!

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