Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hoop-La Vintage Earrings!

I don't know if it's an all out fascination with Essie 
 totally gorgeous earrings for a GREAT PRICE!

I know I know you all thought I was talking nail polish, sorry if I disappointed you. 
But I have something even BETTER! How can that be you ask? 
I was shown this wonderful website/company 
Hoopla Earrings 
 they have AMAZING! pieces at the cost of only $14 EACH!
I LOVE the vintage theme with the bright color options (or not so bright)!

{You can bet I will be ordering some several pairs of these beautiful earrings when I have a little extra mullah}

I fell in LOVE with Rosa, Sophie and of course Essie
These earrings also have the AMAZING closed hoop hooks. These are a dream come true for the girl who seems to always end up with 1 Earring missing. Yes I have a slight problem with earrings falling out of my ears. Some girls may have the miss matched sock graveyard (well I have that too) but I have the graveyard of single earrings....
With the hoop hooks I could wear these babies ALL the TIME! Not ONLY are they AMAZING for every day use, but you can use them for special occasions! Wouldn't any of these be a great accent piece for a Wedding? BBQ? Graduation? what ever occasion you may need want to wear them too!
Oh and by the way not only do they sell earrings but also Bracelets!
ONLY $16!

Ph and they are currently running this promotion to celebrate the opening of their website!

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**ALL PHOTOS were off http://hooplaearrings.com**


  1. Pretty! I have a pair like the blue ones that I won a while back. LOVE THEM. They are so light.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I will definitely be getting some when I can!

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