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Meet the Sponsors July 2013

Your On Your Own

Something about you and meI am a 21 year old newlywed who talks about being married to my amazing husband and all the joys and challenges we have. I also talk about being plus size, and my average day to day life. I enjoy blogging because there is no judgement, or at least I do not hear about it. I can write about anything I want to and people have the option to read it or keep going. I have already met so many wonderful people and a few inspiring blogs that I try to incorporate into my blog. 


The last Wednesday of each month I Co-Host a wonderful Link-Up called "WIFE TO WIFE". This link up is all about being a wife and all the wonderful and challenging moments we have. We ask a question each month that allows wife's to link up and talk about that question. It is pretty amazing and I hope that it continues to grow.

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Top Prepper

Simple Moments Stick
Bloglovin' ~ Facebook ~ Twitter'm Susannah, blogger at Simple Moments Stick. You never know what you're going to get when you come to my blog - I talk about anything and everything - from marriage to outfits and from Bible studies to reality TV. I adore making friends through the blog-o-sphere! My heart passion for blogging is making friendships and connections. Stop on by my blog, start a conversation, and I'm sure we'll be best friends in no time.
Julia'm Julia! I am a 20-something Georgia girl, living life and writing about anything on my mind- health, faith, cooking, crafting, relationships, and whatever I can think of!


544071_10100658271121354_739117990_n.jpegI'm Stephanie - born and raised in New York, and now living life in sunny Florida with my wonderful husband Stephen.  My blog Never The Same Spice Twice is my tiny little space where I get to be ME!  It's where I plan my meals every week, post my favorite delicious recipes (and tips), and share my day-to-day adventures while I attempt to balance being a wife, a SOON-to-be MOM, a blogger, and of course (can't forget my day job)... a 7th grade guidance counselor!

Running With My Tiara On
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I started Running With My Tiara on a month a go as a way to help me keep up with a new healthier lifestyle that I was starting and to connect with other women working on weightloss too. I write a lot about what I am going through with attempting to lose weight and become happy with my body and a healthier me. I also like to talk about my girly princess obsessed side. My current obsessions are trying to learn to use make up, doing my hair, and hating Jillian Michaels!


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Down Home Traveler
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Polaroid_200x100I'm Diana from Down Home Traveler. I was born and raised in Northern Vermont and five years ago I moved to Texas. Vermont and Texas are very different but very much the same. If you swing by my blog, you'll find out that I have a hard time sitting still. I'm constantly checking out new restaurants, musicians and traveling or perusing just about every weekend. There's no telling what I'm going to come across. That's what's so great - there's always something new to explore! Hope you swing by!

 Go check out Diana's list of Food & Brews and maybe there is a NEW restaurant she has been to right in your backyard!

I am a 24 year old full time college student who has wanted to start a blog and Now i finally feel like i can. I am a random blogger about my everyday life. I love sharing my life with you and "meeting" new people. You will hear about my family, boyfriend Tevis, his daughter, struggles with infertility, and my lifestyle change to become healthy.

Beginning Prepper

     Everyday Life 

She is wife and MOM who enjoys reading, writing and music. Her blog is an outlet where she put all her thoughts about what she reads, listens too & the products she likes. She always host a weekly healthy living link party where people can come and share ideas about being healthy and/or their weight loss journey.

Everyday Life
Becca Hosts a Weekly Weigh-In
 (Opens on Wednesday, but You an Link-Up anytime during the week)

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       My Show 

She is a wife and mother to beautiful baby girl Fynn and Mom to FurBaby Zoey! Her blog is all about her life from Fynn to cute and funny things Zoey does.

She does monthly UPDATES 
 about her ADORABLE Daughter Fynn!

        Today Was A Fairytale

05-08-12 Kelly.jpg
Hey there! I’m Kelly and I blog over at Today Was A Fairytale. I'm a 20-something newlywed, social media addicted, country music loving, picture taking, craft attempting, all things pink, girly girl. I love meeting new people but have a tendency to be a little shy. I blog about my life as a new wife, my journey through losing weight, getting lost in amazing books, being an auntie to my adorable niece and nephew, my attempts {and sometimes successes} at being crafty, making memories with friends and the pictures I take along the way.


Kelly and Cheltee from "Something About You & Me" do a monthly link-up usually held on the last Wednesday of every month! The link-up is called "Wife to Wife" (Used to be the Newlywed Blog Hop) and this is how I met both these lovely ladies!

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     Life & Lemons

Hey, I'm Kenzie, my blog, much like my life, is pretty random and full of life's little lemons. Seriously, I couldn't make up half of the stuff that happens to me. Most of the time you can find me writing about my family, our fun adventures, random link-ups, and anything else under the sun. I'd love if you swung by and said "hi"! 

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Go JOIN the FUN!

Miss Angie
I'm Miss Angie, a single twenty-something girl living in Salt Lake City with an amazing roommate, his bunny, a fish, and a snake. I like to host parties, volunteer with animals and drag queens, hula-hoop, blog, create art, make jewelry and accessories for my Shop, and so much more. I'm always on the go, but I always have time to tell my readers something fantastic they should know, or share a little of my crazy chaotic life with them.


So Miss Angie is a Crafty Chic! She has 2 Shops! 
 The first one is FULL of BEAUTIFUL handmade hair accessories, jewelry, hats, scarves and artwork!

The 2nd  shop is all about her web design business! 
(You will be able to see her work on our blog shortly! We won a blog design from her! and can;t wait to see what she has in store!

 Not Your Average Amy
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She is a Girlfriend and Mother. She has 2 beautiful daughters. Her blog is all about her LIFE! The main reason she "started blogging was so that once a year I could turn my blog into a cute little book and have all of my memories on my coffee table for me to look through whenever I want" . She created a  photo challenge called "Project Fifty Two".

Not Your Average Amy
The Hooah Life
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 photo DSC_0390_zpsa3cb6092.jpg 
Hello! My name is Ashley (: I am married to Chris who is an active member of the US Army and we are currently getting things together for our big move to Colorado ( our new duty station ). We welcomed our gorgeous baby boy to this world on April 10th. He is a CHD baby with a hole in his heart and we are standing at a 50/50 chance of surgery. I began blogging to keep my family and friends in the loop with our crazy life and our babies journey. I started out just blogging about my pregnancy but have transitioned into blogging about everything under the sun.

The Survivalist
200x100blogad My name is Sara and I am a 30 year old mom, wife, and writer living in the Midwest. I have three cat's, a degree to teach high school English, an herbal tea collection that could be used to open my own store, and there are never enough books to read in my house. I am a stay-at-home mom who constantly thinks she is doing it wrong. Yet, our daughter is happy, healthy, and way too smart for her own good. A Plethora of Pondering's is about motherhood, life, and the grey area's. I am a creative soul who is constantly needing to purge her thoughts and ideas somewhere. I believe that words and idea's can change the world and that is what I intend to do, one blog post a time.

Tasha Plus Boxes
Bloglovin' ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest  Aloha, I'm Tasha. I'm a student from Honolulu, Hawaii, that also works part-time. I blog mostly about subscription boxes and product reviews. You'll also find posts on my family stuff, cats, and stuff that I love. Bee will be in a lot of my posts, he's my boyfriend of a long time. Check out my blog to find out more about me, my cats, and Bee.


Living a Goddess Life 
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Living a Goddess Life

She post regularly about recipes, giveaways, product reviews, craft tutorials and book reviews! She is a co-founder of Chaotic Goddess Swaps. She has just started a new series about introducing us to all her "things"!

New Swap Being Announced SOON!

Featured on "Friends Friday"

First Comes Love
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She is a 26 year old girl from Wisconsin, She lives with her fiance Dave and their FurBabies. Her blog is all about preparing to become a Mrs and her life along the way. She writes about her family and the adventures her and D have. To get to know Callie a little bit better I suggest reading this post on her blog.



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