Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shutter-Bug Sunday #2

We are back for Shutter-Bug Sunday! 
This week will be picking our Favorite Photo(s) of the WEEK! 
Cerise and I have come to the conclusion that to make everyone's life easier each week will have a theme from here on out! Thank you all for barring with us while we get all the bugs worked out. 

So a few of my FAVORITE PHOTOS from the week:

 We went hiking on a local trail called "Bristol Cliffs". Alice enjoyed the brook immensely! She had a blast running through the water, laying down it and dragging sticks around.  I even got her to stand still long enough to have a picture taken with daddy!
 All these pictures were taken with my Canon T3 with the 18-55mm lens. 

Next Weeks Theme: UP Close and Personal 
All pictures should be taken in MACRO Mode!
Let's Get Creative! 
Have FUN!


  1. So cute! She looks like she is having a blast in the water!

  2. Alice is suck a cutie! You can tell she's a water dog, too (even though that water must have been very, very cold). Yay!

    1. Er, SUCH a cutie. Sorry, coffee hasn't kicked in yet.