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Friends Friday - Ashley 8.16.13

I want you all to meet the lovely Ashley, she blogs over at A Step in the Right Direction. I met her because she is one of the host of Weigh- In Wednesday:

Weigh In Wedneday

We started talking and realized that we live basically a "stones throw away" from each other in country terms. She lives in Upstate New York  and I in Vermont. Her family is about 2 hours away (yes that's a stones throw away in country terms). So check out her guest post but more importantly go check out her BLOG!

Hello GMC readers! My name is Ashlee and I blog over at A Step in the Right Direction. I write about my weight loss journey, my life as a new{ish} mom, and life in general. I live in Upstate New York by the Vermont border. My in-laws live 20 minutes away in Vermont so we are constantly in Vermont. When I found Kayla & Dan's blog I was happy to see a Vermont couple blogging. There are not too many bloggers from Vermont.

I have lost over 40 lbs so far and have about 30 lbs to go. I started this journey in July 2011. I was a newlywed that just got her wedding photos back and was not happy with the way she looked in them. Our photographer was amazing, but I just did not like how big I had gotten. My doctor also advised me that she would not give me a prescription for my medication until my blood pressure came down. This was a wake up call. I had never had anyone tell me my blood pressure was an issue, but I knew it had a lot to do with the extra weight I had.
I started walking and I joined Weight Watchers. I did really well the first five months, I ended up losing close to 35 lbs. I found out I was pregnant in December of 2011 so it kind of put my weight loss on hold. I stayed active and ate healthy {for the most part} throughout my pregnancy.

After having Mason I was back up in the 200's and I was not happy about it. It took until February of this year for my mind to finally click and I was back to losing weight again. I am currently in the 170s, I have not seen these numbers since high school. I want to weigh 5 lbs less than my husband ultimately and he is 155 right now.
It is definitely harder to get my workouts in & eat healthy with a child around. For those of you that are new moms or just moms starting to get active and trying to figure out how with a little person in the house here are my tips.

I workout a lot to Jillian Michaels {Ripped in 3030 Day Shred, & Shred it with Weights} now. Mason plays in his pack n play while I do my thing, after I get him out and we play. Most of the time he is taking his morning nap when I get my workout or walk on the treadmill in. The Jillian DVDs help because they are usually under 30 minutes and they get me drenched in sweat. You can see my 30 Dy Shred Results here. I was never a DVD person until I tried the Shred, now I definitely recommend trying them. I am so much more toned than I was just walking on the treadmill everyday. I am currently trying to run more. When Tim is home I try to get out and run a 5k. Well I run as much as I can, then walk, then run again. I have improved my time by almost ten minutes by running a lot of the three miles. 

Healthy Eating
I try to have healthy food around the house that I can just grab and go with. Having fruits and veggies in the house helps keep me focused. I also love the Extra Dessert Delights Gum, they help with my sweet tooth that likes to act up once in a while. Now that it is summer time we grill a lot which helps because I am making more chicken and pork than I am pastas and heavier food. The one thing that is hard is not finishing Mason's food. I usually finish his ice cream, this is probably the worst food for me to finish. I will have to learn now not to finish his food because I am sure it will just get worse as he gets older.

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Thanks for letting me guest post Kayla!

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