Friday, August 2, 2013

Friends Friday- Stephanie 8.2.13

Ever STRESS over Grocery Shopping?
Feel like making dinner is a CHORE because you DON'T know what to make?
I want to introduce the lovely Stephanie! She has some tips about Meal Planning that should bring your BOILING stress level to about a SIMMER..... 
Oh and she has some tasty recipes that sound so delicious!
Go Check out Never the Same Spice Twice  ---->

P.S This Beautiful Lady is about to be a MAMA!


Hi, Happy "Friends Friday"!  I'm Stephanie from Never The Same Spice Twice.  This is where I blog about life with my sweet hubby Stephen as we await the arrival of our new Baby Girl in about 5 weeks (OMG)!!!  I also post weekly meal plans, recipes, and any tips I've discovered that are worth sharing!  It's hard to believe I've been planning my meals on NTSST for over a year now!?!  In actuality, I've been meal planning for WAY longer than that, but as far as blogging about it - it's been over a year since I started.  I'm happy to be here today with you all!  Kayla is SUCH a sweetheart!  I thought it would be fun to share my meal planning process with you all.  Hopefully it inspires you to plan ahead, and make more time for cooking in your busy schedules!

Every weekend (usually Sunday mornings), I sit down at the computer and search for some new recipe ideas for the week.  Sometimes I come up with my own creations, other times I'll take someone else's recipe and put my own twist on it, and then there are times I'm way too exhausted to even bother being creative!  Usually I am looking to do something healthy, easy, and quick (especially for a week night)!  

Just in case you were wondering how I do HERE. I've also been thinking of switching to ZipList at some point. Do you use ZipList, or anything similar to plan your meals? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about it!!!

Check out my past weekly meal plans if you are looking for some new ideas!
Also, click HERE to see my "aresenal" of yummy recipes!
I hope you all enjoy, stop by and say "Hi" sometime!

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  1. Congrats on the little one. I did some insane meal planning before my second one and LOTS of cooking so we had meals in the freezer ready to go.
    LOVE meal planning. It saves so much time and money throughout the week.