Friday, August 30, 2013

Local Flavor Swap Show Off

I participated in The Local Flavor Swap sponsored by Chaotic Goddess Swaps this month. I was partnered with Mary Britni over at Life with Mary Britni.
Unfortunately to life's circumstances Mary Britni and I didn't get to correspond as much as we both would have liked, but she still totally got me!

How cute it this Purple Tissue Paper wrapped box of Goodness?

She sent me lots of Maps and Pamphlets with little notes on them about why they were important to her!
The Bracelet- (Which I love) is made by Dale Vaughn from Big  Stone Gap, VA

"Quotes" Card- your hear ar least one (ok, maybe three) per day around here! (VA) Her favorite is "Heaven's to Betsy!" (This is hanging on the refrigerator.

Recipes/ Recipe Books- The cards are from the Farmer's Market she helps coordinate and the book is of god 'ole southern recipes. (can;t wait to try these)

Bath Fizzle-   made by Amanda Davis, a vendor at the farmers market 
(have to wait until I get a bath tub :( or go on vacation)

Earrings- Made by Candace a vendor at the farmers market (these are adorable)

Apple Butter- made by here NANA! (This is AMAZING! I'll take the recipe if nana ever wants to share lol)

Thank you Mary Britni for being a wonderful partner and I hope you enjoyed you gifts as much as I did. 



  1. Yay! Homemade apple butter ROCKS, and I love that she found items made by local small business vendors. What a great package! :D