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Meet the Sponsors August

I would LOVE to tell you all about changes to the Green Mountain Couples Sponsorship.
We will be managing our own Ads from now on because we don't feel like paying Passionfruit  $9 a month would be in our best interest! That being said we will be changing the "Meet the Sponsor" post to interviews. 

Your On Your Own

200x100blogad My name is Sara and I am a 30 year old mom, wife, and writer living in the Midwest. I have three cat's, a degree to teach high school English, an herbal tea collection that could be used to open my own store, and there are never enough books to read in my house. I am a stay-at-home mom who constantly thinks she is doing it wrong. Yet, our daughter is happy, healthy, and way too smart for her own good. A Plethora of Pondering's is about motherhood, life, and the grey area's. I am a creative soul who is constantly needing to purge her thoughts and ideas somewhere. I believe that words and idea's can change the world and that is what I intend to do, one blog post a time.

Top Prepper

A Cat-Like Curiosity
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Hi my name is Sarah! I blog at A Cat-Like Curiosity  and I am the founder of The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood ( I am all about being creative - I am an artist, writer and all round curious soul who loves to try different things. I blog about inspiring ideas, behind the scenes peaks at my art, craft ideas and recipes. Oh, plus anything else that takes my fancy!

 At Home with the Hinkleys
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I am Natalie, I am 31.  I live in Houston with Aaron.  We've been married for 1 year and a couple months.  I am an accountant for a small company on the SW side of town.  Aaron is working on his PhD in philosophy, going on year #6 I think?  I wish he'd finish soon...
I really love to laugh and make others laugh.  I love music.  I love cheese.  I love to travel, I love TV.  I love math and economics and graphs.  I love making lists.  I love to discuss current events.  I love to cook and I love even more to eat.  I love to plan things.  I love the Orthodox Church, I love giving advice.  Sometimes I just love silence.  

Beginning Prepper

       My Show 

She is a wife and mother to beautiful baby girl Fynn and Mom to FurBaby Zoey! Her blog is all about her life from Fynn to cute and funny things Zoey does.

She does monthly UPDATES 
 about her ADORABLE Daughter Fynn!

        Today Was A Fairytale

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Hey there! I’m Kelly and I blog over at Today Was A Fairytale. I'm a 20-something newlywed, social media addicted, country music loving, picture taking, craft attempting, all things pink, girly girl. I love meeting new people but have a tendency to be a little shy. I blog about my life as a new wife, my journey through losing weight, getting lost in amazing books, being an auntie to my adorable niece and nephew, my attempts {and sometimes successes} at being crafty, making memories with friends and the pictures I take along the way.


Kelly and Cheltee from "Something About You & Me" do a monthly link-up usually held on the last Wednesday of every month! The link-up is called "Wife to Wife" (Used to be the Newlywed Blog Hop) and this is how I met both these lovely ladies!

Featured on "Friends Friday"

Just Jess
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Just Jess

Im a teenage girl living in a world where looks are all that matter. I refuse to be the artificial girl, im going to be real. Lover of photography because memories matter. As well as a knowledge and ability to do simple crocheting sewing, and knitting. Obsessed with Pinterest as well as little treats that I can make in a mug. I want to make a change in this world even if just a small one, through my blog @

The Survivalist

Living a Goddess Life 
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Living a Goddess Life

She post regularly about recipes, giveaways, product reviews, craft tutorials and book reviews! She is a co-founder of Chaotic Goddess Swaps. She has just started a new series about introducing us to all her "things"!

New Swap Being Announced SOON!

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Jo, My Gosh!
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photo for chantal.jpgHi, I'm Jo! My husband is John. We spent the last year apart while he served in Afghanistan. We recently got married, and now we're navigating life as a married military couple. Along the way, I'll share recipes, DIY ideas, and money saving tips. Join me for the ride!

Pleas go Check Out Jo's: Wedding Series

Featured on "Friends Friday"

Dreaming Up DIY's

My Button!I'm about cute and creative DIY's! Hence the title. Other than beigh completely and utterly obsessed with the DIY world, I'm also geeky and extremely weird/crazy! I own two other blogs, Outfit Daze and Style Aurora! Go click on their titles and you'll be re-directed to them! It you like Dreaming Up DIY's then follow me over on Twitter @DreamingDaze1! My sister has started a blog that you should go check out it's Macaroon Style!



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