Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oh Boy! Dog Allergies...

Alice had her yearly check-up this morning. Besides her routine maintenance shots like rabies, we talked to the vet about her constant chewing of paws/legs and scratching.
The vet then asks "Does this happen even in the winter?"
My answer "Yes" 
The vet then declares that Alice has a  food allergy. 
She is no longer supposed to eat the following foods:
Dairy (no more ice cream bowls)

She is allowed Venison, Bison, Fish or Duck.

So now Dan and I are stuck with trying to figure out what we will be feeding her. 
Our options were find a dry kibble dog food, wet dog food or put her on a raw diet.
We decided on a raw diet mixed with dry kibble (that doesn't include stuff off her no eating list) because a lot of dry dog food includes the items above and a lot of wet food includes eggs.
Alice's Dinner is going to consist of Nature's Variety Instinct -Raw Frozen Diets-
along with Nature's Variety Dry Duck Meal Kibble.
 This mixture is a 100% Grain and Gluten Free.
Alice has the options of Duck, Venison and Rabbit frozen patties to go along with here Duck or Venison  Kibble. 

Alice also is not allowed to have rawhides or beef bones. She now gets to have bison marrow bones or antlers.

Have you tried your pet on a raw diet?
Homemade recipes?


  1. Oh no! Poor pup! I'm glad you got it figured out and your dog won't have to be suffering through allergies anymore.

  2. Oh goodness poor baby! I am glad yall found out about the allergy though!

  3. Oh, poor puppy! :(
    I know a lot of friends' pets who have food allergies, but never to so much meat before! Usually to grains, dairy, and the like. I did try to put my former cat on a raw food diet and he would have none of it. But you could get discounted/inexpensive fish at the market, de-bone it, and freeze it for raw food options. Venison, bison, and duck seem like pricey options....if you have Mud Bay pet store, I know that they will give you samplers of raw food options to try your dog or cat on, so that might be worth checking into.