Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weigh in Wednesday.... Life Happens...

So I have been busy with life and just haven't had time to blog about my weight. Am I sorry? Not really... Want to know why? Because I am LIVING LIFE... It also doesn't help when your hubby moves the flexible tape measure and doesn't nowhere too.... 
But I digress... What have I been doing to stay healthy.... I have been meal planning, walking several times a week and just in general being active. I may have gained 1.4 pounds back but I have also lost inches. Overall I am happy because I haven't tracked or worried about my weight in the past 2 months....

Beginning Weight: 247
Last Weeks Weight: 234.5 {6.5.13}
This Weeks Weight: 235.9
Total loss this Week: +1.4 
Total Loss to Date: -11.1
This Week 
Waist: 40.25"
Thigh:(L)26"       (R) 26.5"
Hips: 55.5"
Arms:(L)13.5"      (R) 13.25"
Last Week {6.5.13}
Waist: 42.5"
Thigh:(L)26.5"       (R) 27"
Hips: 55"
Arms:(L)13.75"      (R) 13"


This Weeks Goals:
1.Go for a walk at least 4 x a week
2.  Drink MORE Water
Last Weeks Goals


 It Never Gets Easier You Just Get Better
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Weigh In Wedneday


  1. Keep up the good work. I too have to let the scale go, or it begins to control me and create an unhealthy cycle for me.

  2. Awesome progress :) you are doing great

  3. great progress and thank you for linking up I love seeing you working hard to reach your goal

  4. Thanks for linking up! You are doing well, sometimes you need to take a break from total focus on weight loss. Healthy living is really important and I think you have that down with the meal planning and being active.

    It is nice to see a Vermont blogger on here - we live on the border of NY & VT

  5. I'm mixing up what I'm doing too, sometimes calorie counting, tracking, etc. can just be TOO MUCH! Healthy living is the real goal...

  6. Good for you! It's so great to live a healthy life and not worry about weight loss. If you're living a healthy life your weight will reflect it. :-)

  7. It happens. You are doing great, AND you had inches lost! :) Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the whole story.


  8. Weight, inches...who cares! Something is being lost! You're doing great.