Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Betting on Losing!

This is how I have been feeling lately! This is why I am joining Ash from A Step in the Right Direction  for a Dietbet.  

What is a Dietbet you may be asking? Well if you click this link, it will explain it better than I probably can. Basically I put $20 into this bet and within a month need to loose 4% of my body weight to receive my bet back. Join the bet, I DARE YOU!

How am I planning on winning this bet.... 
Here is my plan:

I am planning on starting using Lose It! again to help me in this adventure.

Eating Low Calorie snacks and meals. Drink WATER!
Forcing myself to go for walks and get out an exercise. Maybe spending half of my lunch break out walking the block. Going for a weekly hike to burn off calories.

I will use this to loosen up my muscles and keep me flexible.  

Has anyone ever competed in a Dietbet? 

Does any one have any suggestions on how to complete this bet?

Anyone have any tasty Low Calorie Recipes to share?


  1. I know Kristine is participating in a dietbet, and I was thinking about joining in but forgot, whoops!
    The only thing I can really think of is to exercise - an even mix of cardio and strength training always does the trick for me. Also eating healthy is a BIG thing, they say that abs start in the kitchen :D

  2. Awesome!!! Good for you, girl!!! :-)