Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Saturday and the T.A.M

So our Saturday morning  started off like any other weekend morning off, by just lazing around the apartment.  Okay that may be a fib, we got up and made homemade pizza dough and bread. 
Dan and I went then HIKING with Alice. We went to one of our favorite spots in Vermont known as the T.A.M Trails or the Trails Around Middlebury.

It was a B-E-A-U-TIFUL Fall day.
I got in over 11,000 Steps in on this hike.  Dan and I are planning on making this a weekly hike for fall and maybe snowshoeing the trail in the winter....
I know, I know I hate that dreaded word W-I-N-T-E-R, but unfortunately it is coming...

Our favorite part of the trail is the section between the 2 red stars. Which is the Wright Park section, you have the options of walking along the river or through the woods. The trail is about 4
miles long loop. There are boardwalks aka little wooden bridges to walk across. We ventured down a trail that neither of us ever been down before. We also learned that GOOGLE Maps has the trail available, so essentially you can not get lost while walking these trails. 

Dan and Alice. 
We spent the afternoon canning Chicken Soup! We boiled a whole chicken in water for approx 2 hours, this had the meat falling off the bones. This created a wonderful smelling stock or broth. I took the chicken out of the stock and let it cool down. Meanwhile I cut up green beans (from Our garden), carrots, onion, potatoes, and celery. I also added minced garlic, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. I then shredded the chicken into bite size morsels. Meanwhile Dan was getting the jars and Pressure Canner ready. We mixed the chicken, veggies, spices and broth together to heat up. Then spooned the hot soup into 5 quart jars and put it into the pressure canner for almost 2 hours.

They came out looking delish and we can;t wait to try them. We will be doing alot more canning of soups and stews this coming weekend hopefully.

Well that was our exciting Saturday, stay tuned for more?


  1. That sounds like a lovely day! The T.A.M. looks gorgeous, and I imagine in the Fall it's breathtaking, and in the winter it's stark. But what a great way to get a workout. :)

  2. Sounds like a great Saturday to me! :-)