Monday, December 30, 2013

Bright Spots

So for all of you have read my last post (HERE) you know Dan and I are expecting a little bundle of joy in July.
Today marks the 1st day of my 2nd trimester! 
Hopefully this means the queasy stomach and nauseousness is over!

One of the bright spots in my time of queasy stomach and nauseousness was receiving my #violetvoxbox from Influenster!

Here is what I received in my vox box:

I about devoured my Cranberry SOYJOY bar! I have found that I absolutely love these little gems.
I also received Not Your Mother's Clean Freak: Refreshing Dry Shampoo (Great for those morning that I couldn;t quite drag myself out of bed in time to wash my hair.
The Goody Athletique Headband is a great headband that stays in place but doesn't squeeze the ever loving crap out of your head.
I have yet to try my Montagne Jeunesse Clay mask or the Sally Hansen New Triple Shine. I have not obviously felt like inhaling nail polish fumes, but Sally Hansen is one of my favorite brands of nail polish so I am guessing this one will not disapoint!
I have also used Montagne Jeunesse products in the past and have loved them! I plan on using it in the next week or so.... maybe it will help with the Pregnancy Acne.

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