Saturday, January 11, 2014

Music! What I listen too, why I like it, and a bunch of other stuff.

I like lots of types of music, especially as I get older. I used to listen to alternative rock, but now I prefer more Hard Rock. I used to hate country music, and now when I turn on the radio its on a country station. Lots of people don't know this but I used to work for a mail order company that sold almost exclusively classical music. I never got into listening to classical music, but while working that I exposed my self to other types of music.

I literally listen to music all day at work on construction sites, sometimes even when I am not supposed to. I feel I work better while listening to something, it has a calming affect and it speeds my day up.

I believe that music evokes emotions from everyone, and I tend to latch on to certain bands. I listen to music that I feel has a message, and speaks to me as a person and my beliefs in my life. Both Rock and Country music I think can evoke a lot of emotions, and have positive messages for young people.

Music is dislike, and is unfortunately spoon fed to our kids is Pop music. I simply don't have use for it as a whole. Yeah its fun, has good beats you can dance too, catchy lyrics, but usually has a horrible content. Some times it is a good song, which is being performed by a talented singer, but has a horrible music video.

To be very specific the music I gravitate towards is Hard Rock with a mixture of singing and SCREAMING, but that screaming to the point you cant understand what is being said.

What I like...
Watch Both Videos, it is a continuation of the first.
One more from Trivium for fun.

Five Finger Death Punch

I could post all kinds of videos, but these will have to do for now. If you watch any of these watch the last one I posted, but please watch them all. You never know you may like it.



  1. My music tastes vary on my mood, but I am the biggest fan of country, oldies, and on occasion hip hop/pop when I feel like dancing :) My other half is a pretty big Five Finger Death Punch fan.