Friday, January 24, 2014

When seconds count...

"When seconds count, the deputy sheriff is only 35 minutes away" Sootch00

This is not always true, but in a lot of cases in rural America that number could be even longer. It is so important to take your own well being into your hands. You can not depend on others to keep your safe, whether its a natural disaster, doomsday scenario, or as simple as someone breaking into your house.

What would you do, if you came home to a broken window, things thrown every where? Would you call the cops? Would you pull your side arm and go in?

This is what Don did, who is more well known as Sootch00 in certain circles.

How do you think he handled it? Would you do the same?

My thoughts on how he handled it was very good. Don is highly trained Sheep Dog, so he is really no one too be messing with. I wouldn't suggest going in and trying to confront a burglar, unless there is danger too others. If you watch the whole video, he states he backed out of the house after entering because his family was not home.

Watching this video has made me realize that I should probably start locking my guns up better when I am not at home. No one wants to have a firearm stolen, and have it be used in another crime.



  1. Hrm, the vid says it's private so I can't see it. But having experienced a break-in in progress TWICE as a pre-teen, it's definitely more frightening than you'd think. We didn't have firearms stolen, thank goodness, but pretty much everything else, and they drugged our golden retriever pretty badly. If we had known the criminals were still in the house when we entered, we would've stayed outside and called the cops. Losing stuff is definitely better than losing your life- and you're right, you never know if they're armed or on something that makes them a danger to you.

    1. Sorry about that. He must have made it private after I posted.