Wednesday, February 5, 2014

18 Week Bumbpdate

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Due Date: 7.7.14
Gender: N/A(Hopefully We will find out on February 21st)
Names: Makenna Leigh or Liam Mason 
Movement: Maybe? I think I have felt the little bugger move but I am not sure.

Size:  Bell Pepper 
Weight Gain: NONE! I started my pregnancy at 240lbs and currently resided at about 235lbs.

Maternity Clothes: I can completely still wear all my own shirts as long as they have some stretch to them (otherwise the feel to confining, good-bye work shirts hello maternity tops!). But I have basically moved into my maternity jeans and leggings, this means I need to pick up another pair of jeans at some point soon...
Symptoms:  Slight back and hip aches still, but otherwise the same as before.
Cravings: Still salad and fruit... Kiwis in particular....
Sleep:  For the most part it is okay. A little broken up with the whole visiting the bathroom and "growing pains" but I still manage at least 7 hours. 
Stretch Marks: Already had them 
My Overall Health: Fine. I feel like have a cold but besides sneezing and a stuffy nose when I lay down I have no other symptoms....
What I miss: Sleeping like the dead.
Wedding Rings On or Off?:  On
Belly Button: In
Best Moment: I had 2 best moments this week! 
1. My aunt Janis sent me a text message asking me to come over because she had something for me. So Dan and I made the short trek over to her house Friday night were she gave me 2 maternity tops she had bought for me! 
2. I purchased a few items off Old Navy,  3 tops, 1 tank top and a pair of leggings! And because I had $45 in rewards built up, made the FREE S&H mark and al the maternity items were up to 40% off with an addiotional 10% off select items with a 9hr promo code for Super Bowl Sunday my total came to a whopping $9.20 for everything!



  1. Wow you made a killing at Old Navy! That's awesome. The stuffy nose thing is a preggie symptom I've gotten with all three. Drives me nuts.
    I really REALLY wish I was craving healthy stuff. Lately I've been craving bologna sandwiches...which sucks because I can't eat bologna....totally the first thing I'm eating once this baby gets here.

  2. Now that's how you shop! Way to go girl! You look great!

  3. Yay! I love how smoothly everything is going. I'm thinking you'll be feeling your little bell pepper move for sure by third trimester.

  4. I knew it had been awhile since I'd caught up on my blog reading, but I didn't realize I was THIS behind. Congrats girl!