Monday, July 7, 2014

40 Week Bumpdate

So I have been meaning to do a bumpdate for like the past several weeks. But I have been slacking. So my Best and Worst Moments cover several weeks..... 
The best part is today is Liam's Due Date!
Our little man should be here within the next week. The doctors have told us they will only let us go over by a week. We have a doctors appointment tonight and hopefully they may tell us we are staying to have our little man.

How Far Along:40 Weeks 
Due Date: 7.7.14
Gender: BOY!
Names: Liam Mason 
Movement:  Liam move CONSTANTLY now! I think he may only not move for a few hours in total for a 24 hour period.

Size: Small Pumpkin
Weight Gain: I have gained about 15lbs on my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity Clothes: I have been in maternity pants for awhile now, basically since the start of  2nd trimester. I have actually found that I can wear some Capri pants that were given to me a size bigger than my pre-pregancy size.
Symptoms: Well we have been to the hospital a whopping 4 times since June 13th (and yes that was a Friday) I started having contractions around 1:30-2 in the morning that were coming on pretty strong. We went to the hospital about 6 am (where I got us lost on our way to labor and delivery, I am not sure why Dan believed the pregnant woman in pain about directions). Anyway after having contractions for about 12 hours (from when they started) we were released from the hospital to go home because we weren't progressing. Oh and I don;t suggest visiting the hospital if the computer systems are down. It took about 1.5 hours for me to get a bowl of soup and crackers.

Our second trip to the hospital was the morning of Saturday the 19th because on Friday I decided to be clumsy and fall flat on my face and belly (well more hands and knees than complete belly). We went in because I had a freak out moment, and wanted the baby monitored to make sure he was alright.  

We went to the hospital on Saturday the 28th because I started having really bad contractions again, and I wasn't sure if my water had broken. Needless to say we came home once again to await this little ones arrival because my labor stopped progressing. 

Lastly we went to the hospital on July 3rd because I thought I had my water break and was having contractions so bad that I couldn't talk through them. Needless to say little Liam is still not here.

Other symptoms would be my hips feeling like they are me ripped from my body and stabbing pain down there. Dan keeps telling me he is going to remind me of the last month the next time I want to get pregnant. 
Cravings: Salads and Fruits
And as Dan would tell you Ice Cream for breakfast or brunch!

Sleep: It is taking me a little longer to fall back to sleep after I get up in the middle of the night for a bathroom visit.  I also am finding that I want to sleep in more and more in the morning. I have also been going out to sleep on the couch in the middle of the night.
Stretch Marks: Already had them 
My Overall Health: I have been fine. Trying to beat the heat by drinking TONS of water and staying cool. I have become utterly grateful that we live right next to the river. I have been loving just walking back and forth in the water and feeling weightless.

What I miss:  I miss being able to sleep through the whole night without having to get up to go to the bathroom or to trying and find a more comfortable way to sleep. I also miss being able to tie my own shoes from a standing position. 

Wedding Rings On or Off?:  Off but slightly tight.

Belly Button: In

 Best Moment:  

~I showed Dan the wonders of Goodwill shopping, not only for Liam but for us as well. We spent about $28 on 5 baby clothes items and 5 shirts for Dan. Dan is very proud of 1 item we got for him, it was a long sleeved (for winter) L.L Bean button down shirt for $5 which normally sell at about  $50.

~Dan and I have also been setting up everything for Liam, that we got for the baby shower or in general to get Alice (the Puppy Dog) used to it. Alice tends to get nervous and bark when new items brought into the house. (For instance if I don't put my purse in the same spot everyday she gets upset and barks at it until it is moved.)

I am glad to report though that she has  only had a minor incident with the mobile , the first night we played it, she has now excepted it as part of her domain. We have also walked her around our yard next to the stroller and she has done a FANTASTIC job of behaving herself.

~Swimming! Cooling down and feeling weightless at this point are both godsends...

Worst Moment: 
~Our male cat tucker has decided that Liam's crib and baby bouncer is his for the taking. We are discouraging his being in both items when ever we catch him and are hoping that he will think they are not so nice once Liam arrives. From the research we have done, most cats will avoid the crib and baby items once the "crying machine" has arrived and they have associated the item with the baby.

~My falling flat on my face probably would fall under this category too.  Along with all of our many false alarms....

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  1. OMG, I can't believe you're due already! Wow. I know to you it feels like forever, but I feel like you were just finding out! Hopefully Liam comes soon- I know too well how hard those false alarms are, especially when you're having contractions, but not progressing. I did that for 4 full days before my doctor ruptured my membranes for me to get things going. Good luck!