Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I joined Jasmine's end of the summer challenge.
She is hosting the #Fleurtysummerchallenge, this challenge is all about accountability.

I came up with 5 goals that I thought were important to get me healthy.

1. EAT Healthy (No Junk Food: Candy, Soda, Ice Cream, Cake...)
2. Go for a Walk 5x a week
3. No Scale (I won't be weighing myself at home)
4.Drink at least 120 oz of water a day 
5. Walk at least 8,000 steps a day / 5x a week

So for the next five weeks I will be looking at eating healthy and walking more. When I first thought about joining this challenge all I could think about for goals was to calorie count.... As a breastfeeding mother I didn't want to count calories and get obsessed with that and end up hurting my milk supply.

1 comment:

  1. These are GREAT goals!!! I'm excited to hear how they help your life!!! :-)