Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top Baby Items for 1-3 Months

This travel system is GREAT! Very easy  to use and portable.

This bassinet is a life saver! Not only is it extremely portable but it is compact enough to fit in smaller spaces (like between the bed and wall) for when baby is having difficulty falling asleep at night. This model gently rocks and vibrates to help calm and soothe baby.  

 Must have for cloth diapering! For when your little one has a sore bum, you just spray a little of this on and it wont affect how your cloth diapers absorb.

 Makes cleaning those poopy cloth diapers a little easier. They are also 100% flush-able, so you can throw them in the toilet to be rid of them. 

 This product may gross you out like it did me at first. Everyone remembers those bulb syringes that have been around forever, right? Well this is a new version of that that works 10x better. The grossness will go away when you a desperate to clean out your babies stuffy nose. Okay visit this post to see our review of this item.

 Before we got this drying rack we had to dry our bottles by hand. Allowing your bottles/pump parts to air dry is a huge help because of all the little crevices that water gets into.

 Okay you may be wondering why I am saying both an electric and manual pump... The reason is because if for any reason your electric pump stops working... example: your electric model stops suctioning and you have to wait for the company to overnight you a new one (and you are exclusively pumping to feed your baby) then you will need one of these! Or if the power goes out and you are totally out of batteries.

These little bad boys help with stinky baby breath. I know I know we don't want to picture our sweet little angles with bad breath but they do have it. They also promote healthy gums and teeth, and can help you get into a pattern for teeth brushing later.

Making Our House, Our Home!

So I have mentioned this before but didn't delve into it to deeply, 

That's right, we entered into the all-consuming world of home ownership. 
We have a HUGE list of project to do around our new home. (See the list HERE)

Here are a few of the things we have crossed off that list, in between work, getting firewood and having a life: 

- Dining Room has been painted except for the trim.
We Paneled 1 wall and then painted the walls Slate (CW-700)
We built the 1/2 door!

We have built 3 Radiator boxes to protect Liam and Alice from getting burned.

 We have also managed to installing a chandelier type fixture in the dining room and replacing the existing ceiling fan with one we already owned.

We painted the living room Anderson Blue 9CW-565) and Ludwell White (CW-275)

We are supposed to be laying down new floor in the living room and dining room this weekend!
Stay tuned for more updates on the house...