Friday, April 1, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hello Everyone! 

It's been forever since I wrote in my little piece of the inter-webs.I bet you all may be wondering what we have been up too! Well lets see...

One of the Major things in my life is I decided that I am going to become healthy! 
I have been working out on a daily basis for over a month now!, This is HUGE for me. 

I have lost 20+ lbs since the beginning of January 2016!

How you ask?

I started the 21 Day Fix and the Portion Fix. 
Which includes 7 Color Coded Portion control containers and a 30 minute workout for everyday of the week!

I wasn't very religious about doing workouts daily. To be honest in the beginning I ate right for a month and worked out a couple times of week, but I didn't put my heart and soul into it. I was honestly afraid that I would fail again. So why even try? 

Then this miraculous thing happened and I found my coach! My coach is named Heather, and she invited my first to a FREE Water Challenge (this is where you try to drink a gallon of water each day for a certain number of days) and after that she invited me to join her 21 day challenge group "Leap into Spring". This was what really got me into working out daily. I didn't always eat the best in those 3 weeks, and I didn't work out every single day (Everyone caught a cold in our house). But I pushed through to the end of those 21 days .... 

Do you know what happened?

I lost 3 lbs and 5-inches. 
Now that isn't a lot of loss but what I gained was a new found LOVE for working out in the comfort of my home for 30 minutes a day. (This is 2% of my day)
An appreciation for putting myself first and no longer last in my list of priorities. 
I also gained a whole group of people that are just like me, they want to improve their health and life with fitness and eating healthy! 

So on March 20th I bought the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack and signed up to be a BEachbody Coach. Here is to changing my life and helping others change theirs! 

If you are interested in hearing more please email me  @ or leave a comment on here!

This Month Challenge Pack Sale is:

This includes: The workouts, Portion Fix Containers and a months supply of Shakeology (the HEALTHIEST MEAL OF THE DAY!)

P.S. I am also running a Healthy Eating & Workout Accountability Group that starts Monday April 4th. If you would like in on this group please message me at

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