Home Projects

1. Paint the Interior (I have all the colors picked out and most bought)

- Living Room (Walls: Anderson Blue CW-565,Ludwell White CW-275 )

- Dining Room  (Walls: Slate CW-700)

-Kitchen (CW-700)

-Upstairs Bathroom (Haven't Decided)

-Liam's Room (Walls: Finley Blue CW-620 & Ludwell White CW-275)
The Blue will also be chalkboard paint

-Our Room (Hale Orange CW-295 & Ludwell White CW-275)

All the Trim is Capitol White CW-10

- Chalkboard Wall in Dinning Room

2. Build Half Door and Dutch Door for downstairs 
1/2 Door
Dutch Door

3. Build boxes to cover the steam radiators and a bench in Liam's room for the valve
Radiator Boxes x 3
Bench in Liam's Room

 4.  Installing new lighting fixtures: 
- Kitchen 
-Laundry Room
 -Dining Room 
- -Living Room  (Used our Ceiling Fan we had in Our Apartment)
-Our Room
-Liam's Room

5. Refinish or Replace the Floors  (All through the house)
- Living Room
- Dining Room
- Our Room
-Liam's Room

6. Kitchen Remodel
- Counter Tops
-Redo the Cabinets
- Paint
- Lighting


This is basically a total gut job.
- Pedestal Sink
- New Tub Surround
- Flooring
- Lighting

8. Build a new Dinning Room Table, and Benches This may still happen in the future but for now we bought a new set

9. Build New Cabinet Doors for the Kitchen

10. Build a Fence around the YARD

11. Install a hearth and new wood stove in the living room

12. Redo the front porch

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